What do people think anyone that speaks spanish is Mexican??

There are so many countries that are spanish speaking why do most think it’s only Mexico?
there’s Spain, Honduras, El salvador, panama, guatemala, argentina, colombia, venezuela, peru, domincan republic, puerto rico(part of US) ecuador, chile, and many more.
p.s. many from these countries come to the US illegally too not only Mexicans.


  1. my wife has that problem, everyone calls her mexican. mexican is a nationality not a race. wife’s father is apache and her mother is from spain.

  2. because its the one that most people are exposed to – this question would be a good way for you to list those other countries and share the list so that more people know.

  3. because people are ignorant. if they bothered to pay attention, they would realize that all (if not, most) Spanish speaking people have a different accent and dialect. but, who can argue with these dumbas*es

  4. many people are accustomed to hearing mexico as related to spanish speaking…(for some strange reason…y not spain…or argentina)

    people dont seem to connect that there are more spanish speaking countries!!!

  5. Because they are ignorants. There so many spanish speaking countries and they are different one from another. I don´t think all the english speaker are americans, or all the asians are chinesse. It is about knowledge, culture and respect and that is hard to find nowdays.

  6. I speak some Spanish, French, Dutch, Korean and English. Mexicans don’t speak Spanish, they speak a guttural Mexicali that sounds like Spanish, but lacks the "romantic flow" and is more of a hard street lingo.

  7. Only if your from USA, the rest of the world knows that there is a country called Spain and that they had a great influence over Mexico and South American during the discovery of the new world, hence the fact that many countries speak Spanish.

    Ignorance is the answer you seek.

  8. because its easy for racists to just categorize them all as mexicans!

    it’s funny, they categorize ALL immigrants as mexicans when reffering to may 1st or any other topic!

  9. People only know about Mexico and that they speak Spanish. Last time people used to call spanish speaking people "Puerto rican" what the hell?

  10. I’m from San Diego, So I interact with mexicans daily(I’m asian), I do sometimes forget not all are from mexico. The Majority of my highschool is full of Mexicans, so it’s kind of hard to keep track( I don’t know why one would do that) of people who are or are not Mexican. But I am fully aware that there are different spanish speaking courtries and accents. Well many people who do think that are just plain stupid. I know lots of people who think that the people of Mexico speak Mexican(God or whatever you beleive in,please help us!)

  11. Well… Cause they need to go back to school and learn more about things like… Languages and Continents, since America is just U.S. Probably we starting to say Mexico is the only one that speak Spanish!

    Smashing Pumkie pie

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