What do these six Spanish (Mexican) phrases translate too?

These are six Mexican Spanish phrases, and I want to know what they mean, and also the context like plural or singular, etc! Also, when is the appropriate way/time to say it? I do not trust google-translate…

-Debemos fumar hoy?
-Ustedes fuman mota/hierba?
-Quieren fumar conmigo algun dia?
-Te estas divirtiendo?
-Cual es tan divertida?
-Digame cuando!


  1. 1- Should we smoke today?
    2- Do you smoke grass?
    3- Do you want to smoke with me someday?
    4- Are you having fun?
    5- Which one is that fun? (Your phrase is not very clear)
    6- Tell me when!

    Most of them are appropriate when you are smoking grass!!!

  2. We Must smoke today.
    You smoke mota/grass.
    Want to smoke algun dia.
    These are fun.
    That is so funny!
    Tell me when!

    This is what I got sorry{:(

    Gord Homewood

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