What do you think a spanish/mexican and asian baby will look like?

Im just curious of what you guys think, I KNOW its which genes are more dominant.

So what do you think, you can link me to pictures if you like.

Is the Spanish or Asian USUALLY more dominant?

What do you think the feature will be.

Im just curious (:


  1. Mexican isn’t a race, someone who is Spanish is from Spain so there is a difference between someone who is Spanish and someone who is Mexican. It depends if the Mexican is dark skinned or light skinned, if the Mexican is dark skinned the baby will probably come out looking filipino, or from a country like Laos, Cambodia or Vietnam.

  2. from what ive seen when an asian person mixes with any other race, or ethnic group, the babies look asian, so in this case i would expect the baby to look like a dark skinned asian—if the mexican side of the family is dark
    or like an eastern asian if they are light skinned

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