What do you think about Americans who are of Mexican ancestry not teaching their children to speak Spanish?

I see alot of this going on in Texas!


  1. If they were born or live in the US they should master English first. If they choose to learn Spanish, then more power to them. However, English should be mandatory to learn and their primary tongue.

    I don’t understand why there are Indian and Mestizo Mexicans who refuse to learn English and have so much pride in speaking Spanish when in fact, the Spanish language was the language enforced onto them by their European colonial conquerors.

  2. I think the kids should learn english first for a better education and to not be hated for speaking another language, but she should learn spanish also because it is good to be billingual.

    [D]HATT Girl!!
  3. my mother didn’t speak to me in spanish because my dad was racist (don’t ask) and didn’t want me knowing my latin roots. Anyways i still don’t know spanish, plus there is a lot of racism for knowing another language.

    Boo 3rd suspended account
  4. i iwish you went to europe……….. everyone speaks different languages in each countries …. for example
    spain has like 5 different languages and france too

  5. The reason behind it is what concerns me the most. I usually see "Mexican parents" not teaching their kids Spanish when they parents are first-born generation US Americans and so forth. What bothers me is the reason behind it because most Chicanos and Mexican-Americans tend to believe the horrible misconceptions about Mexico and Mexican culture they see in their culture (USA) even though it isn’t true.

    Because of these horrible misconceptions US media tells their citizens, they tend to not be proud of a country/culture they should learn more about.


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