What do you think of non-English speaking Mexican truckers driviing in the US with triple trailors?

Don’t just say it’s a bad idea… tell me why?


  1. Drivers from foreign countries can enter the US on their country’s commercial driver license, as long as they meet the Department of Transportation’s regulations regarding vehicle safety, as long as they pass or have the equivelent of a DOT safety physical examination, and as long as they are licensed to carry the particular type cargo they are hauling. In the US a commercial driver has to have an endorsement to pull double and triple trailers on their CDL, and Mexican drivers do not have that endorsement.

    That said, Mexican drivers cannot legally pull doubles and triples.

    Regardless, drivers entering the US must display a proficiency in English in order to proceed with their cargo, so the notion of "…non-English speaking Mexican truckers driviing in the US with triple trailors…" (sp) is moot.

    Any other questions?

  2. In a few states it is legal to have triples, California is not one of them.

    As long as the Mexican is a safe qualified driver that can legally be here, I see no reason why not. Basic knowledge of road signs is essential. Today they are pretty simple to understand, even for non speakers.

    Nationality has no baring on driving skills, nor does race or sex.




    just plain jim
  3. that;s the worse thing this president of ours can allow.their going to cause more wrecks and deaths on our highways.not to mention all the smuggling their going to be involved in.but you can thank that idiot in the white house George Bush.i hope the teamsters start high jacking their trailers.

  4. Other than the obvious problems with language, Mexican trucks are not held to the high standards, either mechanical conditions of the trucks, driver qualifications or hours of service. Not to mention the *HUGE* increase in drug smuggling… And none of that takes into account the creeping loss of our sovereignty and national identity… it’s one step closer to MexAmerCan, Globalization and World Government.

  5. Well another illegal thing Bush allowed to happen they are not inspected and can carry anything into this country-totally sould be illegal but another Bushwacker move to endanger us here-like he wants to happen!

    Laura C

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