What Do You Think Of People Who Say Things Like “I’m Sorry I Don’t Speak Mexican”?

Or "American, Canadian,etc"

Personally at first I was surprised people were so ignorant, but now I find it sort of humorous.

Today a girl said she didn’t speak Mexican, and I corrected her and told her she meant "Spanish". we went back and forth for about 15 min because she claimed "Mexican" was correct and not Spanish


  1. depends..
    if they call the language whats its really called (such as your "mexican/spanish" debate with that girl), i think they are just ignorant.

    but if they honestly dont know the language, and seem to be trying to say it politely, i can respect that.

    lost melodic
  2. That Pisses Me The F*CK off!
    Cuz Im have Asian and Half Spanish
    (Fillipino and Mexican 2 b exact)
    And my Asian grandpa said that 2 me today
    Im like…….. yeeaahhhhh
    I didn’t do anything tho… I gotta respect my elders lol

    Cyn City
  3. Sounds like a semantic argument. Ignorance maybe but I think it is not far from fact. For instance in Spain the language, while spanish, is a little different from Mexican Spanish or Puerto Rican Spanish. Further ask anyone in the UK what we speak in America and they will likely say "American" as they feel English is their own language to abuse as they see fit. I say we adopt this term because American better defines what we speak, or Anglish….

  4. well I´m latin american I´m from Venezuela
    Spanish has many accents although in Spain and Spanish is spoken latinomerica actually called Castilian is different in each country in fact in my country there are parts where people speak so different that we do not believe that the same country so as in Spain and Mexico do not speak the same Spanish every Latin American countries has its way of speaking the language which makes it easy to know where is everyone so do not speak the language very well for example the accent of Argentina is one of the most different but is nice

    Sorry i can explain better this in spanish ,if you don´t understand you can traslate this although if you speak spanish well you can understand this but is better that traslate this becouse i wrote this in advanced spanish if you can understand this you have a good level of spanish

    El Español es un idioma muy variado por la cantidad de personas que lo hablan ,como sabran en España tambien hay otros idiomas como el Catalan considerados co oficiales el verdadero nombre del idioma es el Castellano proveniente de Castilla , España que es el que es hablado tanto en España como en Hispanoamerica cada pais tiene su forma de hablar el idioma el acento venezolano es diferente al Español incluso el acento de los españoles de la peninsula es diferente al de los españoles de las islas canarias ,
    Bye and thanks for read this

  5. for example for the spanish people tio or tia is a friend ,really in spanish lenguage is the sister or the brother of your mother or your father ,also is the general lenguage or the tricks of each contry really i can understand all good becouse i always speak spanish for example in the spanish of argentina you can say ¨sos vos ¨ that is same that you say ¨eres tu ¨ the spanish people use vosotros in latin america this rarely use for example in the verb poder or can in english

    yo — puedo
    tu – puedes
    el -puede
    ella – puede
    ellos -pueden
    nosotros – podemos
    vosotros – podeis – this is only use for spanish people


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