what does mexican spanish "carnal" translate to, and would you say "carnala" for a girl/woman?

mariposa and magnus: that was pretty much what i was i thinking…i was just wondering if women used it as a reference too, which i imagine they do. gracias!


  1. the slang term "carnal" exist and so does "carnala", it’s a slang term for brother or "hermano" so "carnala" will be sister or "hermana". Also, if you say "carnal" in a sentence it depends of the context, for example if you say "pecado carnal", it will translate to "cardinal sin". Also, the slang terms "carnal" or "carnala" could apply to a very close friend, it’s like saying "buddy" in english. Hope this helps.

  2. carnal means sexual in spanish. In spanish and most romance (latin derived) languages adjectives that end in "-al" stay the same when describing a female or male noun. So there’s no "carnala". 🙂

  3. Hola, I agree with Devon!!

    He is right!!

    Carnal means "carnal". For example if you said "deseo carnal", it’d mean "carnal desire". Or better: you’d feel a desire connected to the "body" and "sexual" sphere!!

    In Spanish it doesn’t exist a female or male version of this word. It remains the same for both genders!!

    hope it helps.

  4. Carnal & carnala is slang for brother or sister. It can also be used in diminutive forms like carnalito. Although I believe it can be used for girls/women it is most commonly used for men/boys. Carnalito for little brother and carnal for brother in the family or friend sense. It’s definitely slang but more street slang or Chicano Spanish. I haven’t heard it used as much in Mexico unless it’s street talking.


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