What is a lonnnnnng list of latin american spanish slang?

words like dale, brutal, obligao, pa, etccc it would be nice to have a long list of phrases and words with the translations =] gracias!


  1. Well, I’m gonna tell you what I know, Chilean Slangs! 😀

    Dale = Bring it on
    Pa = to >> in order to >> It would be "para", but Chilean people is very very funny when talking. I’m Chilean!
    Obligao >> it would be "obligado" >> obligated
    ¿La dura? – ¿La firme?>> Are you telling me the truth?
    Parar la chala >> Die
    Poncear >> To be with many women in one night only. Kisses included!
    Po = it would be " pues", it means "Then". For example: Do it then.
    Raja = Sleeping, drunk
    Rajarse = Pay everything when you invite somebody to go out with you or with friends so as to have fun.
    Pato = With no money
    rajado (or) rajao >> Fast
    Pavo = naive
    Cabro chico = childish
    Apretado >> Apretao >> Someone who doesn’t like to give money.
    Metío >> Metido >> intrusive
    Copuchento >> Someone who wants to know everything about private lives of everyone.
    Cahuinero >> Someone who tells the secrets.
    Cahuin >> rumor
    Weon >> Stupid, friend, silly, intelligent, it may mean many things, but it depends on the way you say it.
    Carrete = Party
    Picada >> Picá >> A place when you eat very delicious meals and very cheap

    I don’t remember more slangs :S

    Well, hope this helps

  2. tonto=dumb
    cabezon=a person with a big head
    chingon=a leader,the best person at something…


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