What is a Mexican or Spanish activity that is related to Easter?

I need to come up with an activity that will last about an hour that my High School Spanish club can do about the Easter time of year that relates to how Mexico or Spain spends easter. It has to be school appropriate and not really religious.


  1. "Cascarones" these are confetti eggs. they are used in many latin cultures from Spain and Italy to Mexico, Argentina and Chile.

    You take a real egg and poke holes in either end (one about a quarter inch in diameter) to blow out the insides and rinse it out. once dry, you fill it with confetti, (take one egg aside and put glitter or other adornments inside to set it apart) and place a paper machier plug over the larger hole to conceal the confetti inside. decorate them like regular eggs. on easter day, everyone gets a cascaron and breaks it over someones head. who ever gets the "special" egg, gets a special prize. maybe a basket of candy or a gift card or something.

    this is something my grandmother always did when we were little and my mother does it now for my neices and nephews.

    the egg symbolizes life propogating itself, i.e. the resurrection and the life.

    for the person who compared catholic Spain with paganism… we aren’t the ones who invented the easter bunny, santa claus and don’t have rock n’ roll drummers in our church. thanks.

  2. Egg-on-Spoon Relay Race – Divide students into relay race teams. The first student on each team will race a certain distance and back again while balancing a coscaron on a spoon. If the egg drops, the student must pick up the egg with only the spoon. Upon return, the student will transfer the egg-and-spoon to the next teammate, until all team members have raced.

    Egg Toss – Pair students together for an old fashioned egg toss (one step back after each successful catch). The broken eggs will drop seeds rather than confetti that would spoil the natural environment.

    Egg Roll/Egg-on-Spoon Obstacle Course – Create an obstacle course with cones, tunnels, tires, a limbo stick, and any other tasks you can imagine. Students will enjoy the challenge of keeping their egg unbroken while managing an obstacle course.

    If neither last for an hour, try do all three, and set them up on sections.
    The first group does an Egg-on-spoon relay race. The 2nd group does an egg-toss, etc. This would be easier to organize as well.


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