What is better to learn Spanish or Latin American?

I am from Australia and am planning a trip to Mexico and South America in a few years. I am wanting to learn a language but am unsure if Spanish or Latin American would be more beneficial. Any suggestions


  1. I’ve never heard of "Latin American" being offered as a language. The two languages primarily spoken in Central and South America are Spanish and Portuguese, mostly the former. The Spanish that you’ll find in Mexico is different from what you’ll learn in a classroom, but not to an unintelligible level — it’s the same with learning most languages in a classroom and actually speaking them. I’m learning Modern Standard Arabic right now, but the actual spoken dialects are far different. Nonetheless, I’ll be understood and capable of understanding.

    The same is true of learning Spanish. Although your first couple of weeks there, you may get a few strange looks as you pick up the idioms, different ways of speaking, etc. If you do plan on going to Brazil, Spanish and English will be enough to get you by. You can find English speakers most anywhere, and Spanish and Portuguese are somewhat mutually intelligible. Most of the Romance languages are to one extent or another.

    I can only assume that this Latin American course attempts to teach a dialect of Spanish local to Mexico or another Central/South American country (which all have somewhat different dialects… a little like Oz vs. Boston)… So either way, you probably won’t be perfect.

    I would go with the "standard" Spanish, if I were you.

  2. Well, here in the U.S. we learn Spanish in school. There is a difference between Castillian (Spanish from Spain) and Spanish. If this Latin American thing is more oriented to Spanish from places other than Spain, take it.

    They are as different as English and English. The stuff the English folks speak, and what we speak.

    The One Gun Kid©
  3. Spanish and Latin American are pronaunced a little differently. Spanish is a softer language… For example… Gracias, (which is thank you) in Spanish Spanish would be pronaunced as GRATHIAS while in Latin American spanish Gracias… Shortly. Everywhere you meet ‘C’ (cinco (five), habitación (habitation, room) you use soft version ‘TH’ in spanish and the clear version ‘C’ in Latin A.

    There is no other difference I am aware of, I am just learning the language myself.. All spanish speaking people understand each other in this world. Find a personal preference, for examply by listening to local online radio stations….

    here there are Peruvian Stations>



    Here is mexican one…


  4. I think you should choose ( Spanish from Spain) that is the main Spanish form in the world… as a native speaker of this language i think you will understand both ( Latin americans and spaniards)..

    eduardo m
  5. Latin American is not a language. We just call South America like that because probably the people there all speak Spanish or Portuguese, which both are Latin languages (originated from Latin), so I guess you should learn Spanish.


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