What is easier to learn how to speak spanish or french?

I need to know which would be easier because i have to choose one to take next year… Thanks a lot.


  1. My guess would be Spanish. I took 2 years of spanish my freshman and sophmore year in highschool. It was very easy and quick to learn. My friend took French and she said it was pretty easy also.

  2. It depends.

    I am taking both. I started out with Spanish and it helped me with my French.

    Both pretty much the same but everyone’s different. Spanish is easier in spelling and French pronounciation. Most will tell you Spanish is easier but I find French easier.

  3. I speak both and believe me
    Spanish is so much easier.
    French is very hard to get
    the annunciation correct.
    Get a book and try reading
    a bit of either one….maybe
    talking to the teacher…..

    Clamshell 19
  4. hmmm… i am mexican but i really like english and i know how to speak it very good and it wasent so hard to learn it at all, and i am in french speaking classes and its so difficult because some things that are masculin in usa and mexico are femenin in france so i think spanish i easier.

    i hope i helped


    javi g
  5. I speak both and Castillian (Spanish) is much easier…

    It’s so regular it’s untrue… French on the other hand has loads of irregularities.

    Chris K

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