What is proper way to say in Spanish "I don't speak Spanish"?

hello, I’m asian male(pure japanese)
some people(latinas) try to speak to me in Spanish maybe I look like a little spanish I don’t know.
so, what should I say back to him in Spanish?


  1. "No hablo español"

    Or you could say: "Lo siento, no hablo español; ¿habla usted japonés?" – "I’m sorry, I don’t speak Spanish; do you speak Japanese?"

  2. You simply say "no hablo Español" (the ñ is pronounced ‘ni’) which means "I don’t speak Spanish."
    You could also say "No entiendo" which means I don’t understand

    Robin Groleau
  3. In Spain and in North and Central America: Lo siento, no hablo español. Soy japonés. Habla Usted inglés, por acaso? (Sorry, I don’t speak Spanish. I am Japanese. Do you speak English by any chance?).
    In South America, replace "español" (Spanish) with "castellano" ("Castilian," more PC, especially in Chile, Argentina, etc. where "Spanish" carries political overtones that can upset local patriots)


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