What is the best way learn to speak Spanish at home?

All the free options just don’t work for me. Everyone I speak to say that you can’t affectively learn Spanish online. I don’t have time nor flexibility for one to one lessons. I want to spend a bit of money on a proven solution because I am moving to Spain for work in 3 months and need to be able to communicate at least on a basic level. What shall I buy?


  1. The best way to learn Spanish is to move to Spain and speak to the locals. If you want to learn Spanish before you move there is an amazing new method that my wife used to learn Spanish within 6 or so weeks. You can find it here https://z.pe/hdz

  2. I also bought Rocket Spanish package a few months ago. It used to be slightly cheaper then but even now at $99 its probably the best product out there. Took me from 0 to comfortably speaking Spanish within 2 months.

    Use the link Austing gave

  3. Rosetta Stone is excellent but pricey.
    What you should it write down question you think you will need to ask/answer and learn them in Spanish.
    I’m sure if you yahoo phrases in English and place Spanish translation afterwards you will find them.
    If not just ask questions.
    Or you could ask a friend to help you. I’m currently teaching my partner Spanish. She learns 5 new words a day and after a week I test her to see if she remembers them.

  4. Hello
    Finding the best option for learning Spanish depends on YOU in the first place:
    -What is your budget?
    -How much time you can allocate for your learning process?
    -What is the teaching method you’re comfort with (attending a class, listening to an audio, watching tutorials…etc)

    here’s a useful blog post for the best ways to learn how to speak Spanish:


    Also you can check this site for reviews of the top Spanish learning courses available.

    In my opinion, traveling to a Spanish speaking country is a great option, but it may cost you alot of money,

    Attending classes isn’t a practical method for me, at the end, who of us poor day to day job workers has the time to attend a class ?

    Read the reviews mentioned and pick the course fitting your needs and budget, that’s I think the safest way.

    spanish learner

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