What is the best way to learn to speak spanish without taking classes?

Can you recommend any good books, audiobooks, etc.?


  1. have a Spanish person who can also speak English teach you it would be the best way to learn! then you know you are learning things the right way! and you don’t have to take it like a class meet them become friends with them and have them teach you!

  2. I suggest the programs that Rosetta Stone puts out. They’re a little pricey, but not as expensive as taking classes. Their Spanish course in particular is good, and they have different programs for Castillian and "Latin American" Spanish, so you can get more specific to the sort of use you want.

  3. Dear Margaret,
    The best way for u to learn Spanish without going to classes is to make friends with people who speak the language. Second I suggest u buy one of the "learning spanish books" with complete tapes this will definately enable u to get the pronounciations correct also. These book and tapes are available at any good book stores

    Best of luck

  4. It’s so funny you asked this because I too want to laern how to speak Spanish,I go to a Dominican salon and my stylist speaks no English,so I thought I should learn Spanish.
    Thanks Guys

  5. Immerse yourself with other fluent Spanish speaking people. When you’re forced to speak a language, there is no other way around it, thus, you learn it. Believe me. I’ve never really learned French because, even though I live in France, I hardly ever talk to people. I know enough French to get by, but I don’t know it fluently…


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