what is the best way to teach your child Spanish if you don't speak the language?

My son is 2 and a half and I really want him to be bilinguel- Spanish and English. I do not speak any Spanish. How can he learn it?


  1. A lot of towns offer classes for small children to take Spanish. If your town has a Recreational Center aka Rec Center you can call them and see if they offer anything like this.

  2. Buy spanish books!If you teach him now its good because he will know when he is older! Also if you wait til he is older he might not want to learn! try to teach him now!

    If you get the books you say the word and make him repeat u!!!!!

    Mrs.Yankee(Daddy Yankees #1 fan)
  3. Take him to a school that teaches spanish. But maybe he’s too young don’t you think? If anything… you can post an ad asking for a spanish teacher. Maybe someone who speaks spanish as their first language can teach your child.


  4. There are a lot of videos geared towards infants and toddlers so get some of those. And if you live in southern CA your child will start learning spanish when he starts school

    Wendy S
  5. I think its a bit too early for him to learn Spanish. But, if youy really wanna teach him English, you should take him to a teacher who has time and patiance. He should talk every day both English and Spanish, so he doesn;t forget the language. so, take him to someone you know he has time. Hope I helped….

  6. 1.listen to spanish music, spanish childrens shows
    2.buy a childrens spanish english dictionary and start with the parts of the body or animals
    3.also a spanish speaking nanny

  7. there are lots of toys that are bilingual, a lot of products made by leap frog speak english and spanish. also, there are kids tv shows that teach some spanish, like dora the explorer and it’s spinoff go diego go.

  8. The best solution is for him to go to a bilingual school where they teach the children Spanish. That way there will be other children with whom he can speak Spanish. However, it is very unlikely that he will become bilingual unless he uses the language at home. I taught English in France for a number of years, and the only children that made any progress where the ones who had at least one parent who was a native English speaker. The others did not retain the information presented in the lessons because they never used it in real situations. A child can learn vocabulary in a foreign language easily, but if he doesn’t have to opportunity to speak in the language, most likely, he will not make a significant amount of progress.

  9. dora the explorer and go diego go stuff is a great way. my daughter watches them often (which means i do too lol) but its a good show for learning spanish. also..u might want to look into a tad or lily frog doll, they make them bilangual and its fun to play with. my daughter had the lily bilangual and she loved it when she was younger (shes 3 and doesnt play with it as much now)

  10. It is great that you want to teach your child spanish! I’m teaching my son as well. I would say, they have books, flash cards, puzzles out that teach english and spanish. Dora is a great resource.

    Some schools teach spanish. My sons school teahces him through song. Right now he can say thank you, hello, and goodbye in five different languages.

  11. Get the leap frog. Example Dora she does both english and spanish and it is a fun way to learn. Or buy the DVD for kids. If your child is in daycare have it be bilingual. Kids learn faster younger than older. My child speaks Cantonese and I started him in Kindergarten. Now He is in thee 4th grade and pretty fluent.

  12. There are alot of television shows out there today for children in which spanish is taught(ie…dora, diego) as well as toys. I know they now how a spanish speaking care bear, and alot of the learning toys for children now have spanish on them as well. Start with the basics, such as these shows and toys, and then once he gets some of that down move into other techniques. I know that they tell people trying to learn new things is to listen to it while you sleep, so maybe you can play some type of spanish learning cd’s in his room while he sleeps. They say it works….who knows.


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