What is the difference between Mexican and Spanish chorizo?

If a recipe calls for chorizo, how do I know which to use?


  1. Generally speaking…

    If you are making whole links of chorizo – then you want Mexican Chorizo. It is moist and made to be eaten by itself.

    But if you are cutting or dicing it up to be used to flavor a dish – like a rice dish..then use Spanish Chorizo. It is drier and more flavorful.

  2. Depends upon the recipe…
    Mexican chorizo (the type you buy in the supermarket) is soft, highly spiced ground offal mixture; while Spanish chorizo is more of a spicy sausage.

    Both are actually pretty good.

    If it’s a Mexican recipe, I would use Mexican chorizo. Spanish recipe Spanish chorizo.

    If you can’t find Spanish chorizo, I’d go Mexican.

    Dave C
  3. Chorizo sauages are actually a Basque product and you can get the real thing here in Idaho with a large population of Basques. They are hot and spicy and greasy—never bite into one until you have stuck it with a knife first to let some of the grease escape.

  4. spanish chorizo is way more milder in taste , the spices are strong but also has a sweet taste to it… mexican chorizo is very hot, with lots of chilis and spices mixed in… if u use the mexican adjust the other ingredients so it wont be so hot …


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