what is the difference between SPANISH and MEXICAN language?

or is it just the same with very minor differences?


  1. there’s no such thing as "mexican language". mexicans speak spanish. just like every other language, there are minor differences in the way people speak it depending on where they live.

  2. Mexicans speak Spanish. However, there are differences in dialects amongst people who speak Spanish. People in Cuba have a different accent and some different words and pronunciations than people in Spain or in Chile, for example. It’s similar to English…many people in different countries speak English but the Brits use some different words and have a different accent than Americans, or Australians, etc.

  3. every spanish speaking country has their own dialect of spainish. lyk in spain they pronounce things differently than they do in Mexico. It just depends on where you are talking about. They all speack spanih but just diff. dilects of it..

  4. No, there is no different Spanish in Spain and Mexico. All Spanish speaking countries base their grammar on GRAMÁTICA CASTELLANA. One language one set of rules. Just like there is only one English language but several dialects, accents and colloquialism from country to county and even from region to region within a county. Even in Spain there are different dialects and colloquialisms. Not all Spain speak Castilian nor Spanish for that matter.


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