What is the difference between speaking Spanish (latin american) and Spanish (Spain)?


  1. Since there are more than 20 Spanish speaking countries, there are differences between all of them. Every country has a distinctive accent, colloquialisms, vocabulary, terms etc. As same as in different English speaking countries. We can easily know if a person comes from Cuba, Argentina, Venezuela, Spain etc because of his accent.If you want to hear them, try searching in Youtube news or TV shows from any Latin America country and Spain.

    The grammar and spelling is the same in all Spanish-speaking countries. There are not different spelling like in American/British English (color/colour, favorite/favourite etc.)

  2. The Spanish speak with a lisp. and some of the words they use are old school spanish. and of course theres an accent. Though thats how it is all over much of Latin America. Common language, different accents.

  3. There are differences in vocabulary and pronunciation.

    For example, to say "you" to a group of people in Spain, you would use the pronoun "vosotros". In Latin America, you’d use "ustedes".

    Also, in Spain, in words like "empezar", there would be a lisp when pronouncing the "z".

    Sara M
  4. Mexico, Central America and South America they use different dialects which means that many words are use to describe different things. And also the Spanish spoken in Spain is Castellano which is the pure form of Spanish just like the English from England is the Kings English which is not the same English we speak here in the United States.

    mastermind delinquent

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