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  1. There are several differences in vocabulary, grammatical structures , regionalisms and of course accents.

    Spain uses the VOSOTROS form to address a group of people you know. Latin America does not have this form; we use "USTEDES," which is you plural, formal and informal.

    Spain uses the "th" sound when pronouncing "z," "ci," and "ce." In Latin America, we don’t do this. In Spain, cine is pronounced "THeenay" while in Latin America it’s just as it is pronounced, a soft c as "SEEnay".

    Some parts of Latin America use "VOS" instead of the tú form. This is especially prominent in Argentina and areas of other countries. "VOS" does not follow the "tú" conjugation. In Argentina, it’s "vos tenés, vos hablás" etc. However, in some areas, the older VOSOTROS conjugation is used with VOS, so they say "vos habláis."

    Please let me know if you need any more help. I am a Spanish grammar aficionado. 🙂


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