What is the easiest way to learn to speak and write spanish? College Courses? Software Program etc?

I currently speak spanish and know the basics. I can carry a decent conversation but looking to learn to write it as well. Just wanna be as fluent in it as my english.


  1. You could try the Rosetta Stone language software cd…its the top rated language software on the market today…it helped me with my french so i hope it will help you too!

  2. Noe of the above, easiest probably go to spanish speaking nation, when is nothign but spanish all day; you learn real fast, because you had first hand experience and you only encounter spanish and nothing else. Take a spanish class in those school.

  3. the easiest and Shortest way is internet!!
    Try at home like start from days Monday to Sunday then months
    then numbers
    then some magic words like thank you, hi
    I got some
    Gracias for thanks, Ola for Hi, Komo Estas for How r u?
    Bien for Good!!

  4. i use the Pimsler cd’s for speaking. you listen to one cd a day and build on it each day after. You listen and speak. This was much easier than others I have tried. I have also heard that Rosetta Stone is good too and it helps with the writing part, but I haven’t personally tried that one. Immersion in a spanish speaking/writing community is another good way too.

    Diane H
  5. U have to have someone WHO KNOWS about the spanish grammar to teach u.

    I know spanish too and I write it…
    I learned spanish when I was a kid, it was actually my first language, and then I when to school and I learned english.

    I could help u because my Spanish is pretty good!
    just let me get ur email address, and I will help u..

    good luck!

    OSKAR_A_N :P
  6. Try to find a very small class with a native speaker as your tutor. Individual or small classes where you can learn at your own pace are best for improving fluency.

  7. Rosetta Stone, it’s awesome. It’s a program for your computer and they’re available in Spanish and in different levels. They’re so effective even the FBI use it! Google them!

    Rachel Cullen.♥
  8. hola, go to a Spanish speaking country.
    spend a summer and you will learn more that you would on any college course.
    Lo mas que lo practicas lo mejor.
    immerse yourself into the language.
    good luck Hun.
    asta luego

  9. I am a Spanish speaker as well, and I did find it difficult learning to read and write in Spanish. I suggest purchasing a Bible in the Spanish language as a start, just because if you have one in English text it’s easy enough to use cognates. Another thing you should also remember, since you currently speak Spanish is that when words are spelled out in Spanish, they are spelled the way they sound. For what you are looking for I do highly suggest taking college courses, if you have the time and software is decent if it has a variety of the words that differ in the Spanish speaking community, because Mexico and Spain and much of Latin America has many different words for the same thing.

  10. the only reason to learn is to usee…get a personal trainer, it takes about 1 sec to find and there is about 1 mil in your area prolly so go do it! duh!!! its free! ans the easiest! then u can start using it right away!

    natasha fort wisconsin
  11. How I taught myself is by studying different college books, getting a Spanish/English dictionary, getting a Spanish verb book, talking with Spanish speakers. There are many bilingual books at libraries in which one page will be in English and the opposite page in another language. All of these can help you with your sentence structure, diction, and verb tenses. You can check out various books, on vocab, writing, composition etc. on Heinle.com , just click on the language. You can also test yourself on the student companion sites they have and there are some links to different cyber cafes and learning labs and information on Spanish speaking countries.

    It depending how you personally learn, it may be easier in taking courses, or "hooking" up with Spanish speakers. Most community colleges have tutoring for free whether or not you are a student (I tutored Spanish and ESL and other things for 4 years) so long as they have no paying students waiting to be tutored. Also alot of colleges/universities have Spanish speaking persons whom are willing to trade learning for free. I suggest if you pick the latter to arrange a time to spend in a SAFE, area preferably in the cafeteria, library or in a coffee house. (have had guys pretend to want me to tutor them, when in actually were trying to get me into bed, and I did have a stalker)


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