What is the easiest way to learn to speak spanish?

I do not own my own computer so online courses are out of the question. I only know one spanish speaking person. I work too much to take a college course.


  1. Let me tell you about my personal experiences when trying to learn English.

    I tried going to an English school for a few months, luckily I learnt a lot, fast and easy. But it was just grammar.

    Many years after that, I attended to another school, here in Mexico, it’s called Interlingua, these guys claim they make you speak English within a year. Pure junk!

    After that school, I decided to learn by myself.

    First advice: Don’t stay too much in a school, unless you see real progress.

    Second advice: If you already know the grammar basics, and have studied for a while, go the next step. Talk to the real thing, I mean, native spanish speakers. Social networks, Skype. If you don’t own a PC, try to get some prints in Spanish, and, in order to start speaking, read them out. Try to speak to the spanish speaking person that you know. Avoid speaking to native english speakers in spanish.

    Third advice: Practice your four basic skills, listening (listen to podcasts or the radio in Spanish through the internet), reading (newspapers in spanish, or whatever you can get, on-line books), writing (start writing whatever it comes to your mind, you will soon find yourself THINKING in spanish doing this), and speaking (also, try with native speakers, tourists, whatever it makes you feel comfortable with the language).

    Fourth advice: Don’t learn the language just because you NEED it, but because you LIKE it. That makes a HUGE difference, believe me. I know a lotta people who’s trying to learn English just because they need it for their jobs, but they always fail, because they actually hate it! I started learning it at 16 just because I wanted to know what was that guy… John Lennon saying?…

    Fifth advice: Don’t spend too much money on trying to learn, practicing your four basic skills as I told you before is cheap. Don’t buy miraculous solutions.

  2. As you can’t or won’t make time to take a college course, then you are left with reading books, and using CDs to learn the language……

    CDs will get you started, and the books will help your literacy in the language, but there is nothing like speaking the language with native speakers to encourage fluency.

    Depends how motivated you are really I suppose!!
    Buena suerte!


  3. "Your Pathetic",…your name speaks for itself!

    Not talking to you Party Girl, just had to vent on close-minded people the make Americans look bad…….making stupid ass comments

    I think the best way is to get to know the hispanic crowd and learn to communicate………..

    The King
  4. Well I learned through a book which had some Spanish words in it. And that’s how I thought Spanish was interesting. Try for kids, at least to know basic Spanish words. That’s how I knew. Hope I just gave you an idea about learning Spanish, Adios….

    Gabby C
  5. i would just take spanish classes and if you don’t have time just get spanish learning guide from the bookstore or just borrow it from your nearest library.

    Bionic Bunny
  6. The best method for learning foreign languages is described on rosettastone.com

    Although I am not great language talent I have learned two foreign languages (Hungarian and Swedish) by using this method. They even claim full money back in case that you don’t learn the language in six months.

  7. Learning a language is never easy.Spanish is much more complex than English.Yet it is possible to learn a lot of words very fast and some sentences.Providing you pronounce them right some people will understand you.However you most likely will understand very little of the answer.Buy one of them small books with words and pictures and a dictionary.For about $20 you can start out to learn.Get a penpall and write what you know.Work at it every day and never stop.

    I like friends everywhere,esp.+D
  8. I would buy a dvd and a book to begin with.. and start with your basic things like numbers, greetings and your pronunciation.. Once you know these things, everything else will be much easier to learn, because you’ll be able to sound out words. practice your Spanish out load to yourself, don’t be scared to sound silly, because you are learning after all. Spanish is such a beautiful language to learn, and in my opinion, a very easy language to learn.

  9. 1) Immersion in a Spanish country is the easiest way.

    2) The next easiest way is by hanging out with Spanish-speaking friends. Better yet, marry a Spanish speaker.

    3) Watching Spanish TV shows is super easy but only moderately effective.

    4) There are some pretty good downloadable courses out there like Rocket Spanish, Fluenz, Rosetta Stone, etc. More info at:

    And here’s a pretty good list of the Top 10 Things You Need to Learn Spanish that might help you:

    Luke W

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