What is the latin american spanish alphabet?

My girlfriend is from Spain so she only knows the Spain version. But my Spanish class is Latin American Spanish and I already noticed some differences.
I mean it’s pronounced differently


  1. Yes,
    for example
    Latinamericans pronunce the Z, C and S as the S sound in english.

    While in Spain pronunce the S as S sound in english, but the Z and C they pronunce like "th" sound in word "the".

    Дntonio ЯGL 9 فلسطين حرة
  2. Spanish is spanish
    it’s almost the same
    a latin american can understand a spanish and spanish a latin….

    It isn’t so much difference, only that in spain they speak in VOSOTROS (i don’t know how to translate it) and in latin america they use TÚ or USTED (you)

    The pronounciation is almost the same…..
    The thing the people understand each other.


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