What language do they speak in Mexico?

I know they speak Spanish in Spain and like Italian in Italy, but do they speak Mexican in Mexico?? I didn’t know Mexican was a language.


  1. Mexican>nationality
    Spanish >language spoken in Mexico, they also have other dialects in some regions of the country but the main language is Spanish.

  2. its not they speak spanish in mexico
    there arent that many differences in mexican spanish and spanish from spain. its like american english and english from england

  3. Mexico has a significant linguistic diversity. In addition to Spanish, the government recognizes 68 indigenous Amerindian languages as national languages. According to the Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples (CDI) and National Institute of Indigenous Languages [INALI], while 10% of the population is of Native American origin, only 5.4% speak an indigenous language.

    Roughly in order of the number of speakers, the languages of Mexico include Spanish, Nahuatl, Yucatan Maya, Mixtec, Zapotec, Tzeltal Maya, Tzotzil Maya, Otomí, Totonac, Mazatec, Ch’ol (Mayan), Huastec, Chinantec, Mixe, Mazahua, Tarascan, Tlapanec, Tarahumara, Amuzgo, Chatino, Tojolab’al, Popoluca (Zoquean), Chontal (Tabasco), Huichol, Mayo, Tepehuán, Trique, Cora, Popoloca, Huave, Cuicatec, Yaqui, Q’anjob’al, Tepehua, Pame, Mam, Chontal (Oaxaca), Chuj, Tacuate (Mixtec of Santa María Zacatepec), Chichimeca jonaz, Guarijío, Chocho, Pima Bajo, Q’eqchí, Lacandón, Jakaltek, Matlatzinca/ Ocuilteco, Seri, Ixcatec, K’iche’, Kaqchike, Paipai, Cucapá, Mototzintleco, Kumiai, Pápago, Kikapú, Ixil, Cochimí, Kiliwa, and Aguacatec.

    Are the thumbs down because you didn’t know that, or don’t believe it? Google it to keep me honest.

  4. Look; ësto es el idioma español que lo hablan 400 millones de personas en el mundo,
    Si tu estás en estados unidos de seguro hablas estadounidense.
    If you are in united states surely you speak unitedstatesan


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