What language is mostly spoken at your home?

Everyone in my family knows English so we speak it the most & my mom whose Mexican speaks it sometimes to us & I’ll say "Can you say that in English?"


  1. depends who im talking to, if im talking to my mother its either German or Gaelic, but if im talking to my father is Spanish or German, and if im talking to my sister its German or English. so i guess you could say that we speak German the most in my house

  2. My parents can only speak Spanish, so that means I have to speak spanish, too. When my sister lived here I would talk to her in English only–I’ve NEVER talked to her in spanish, and when we attempt to talk to each other in spanish it’s really weird because yeah we’ve spoken in english to each other all our lives and I learned English from her (oddly it’s my first language) so yeah.

    wow, sorry I rambled. 🙂

    ナンシー NANCY ナンシー

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