What Latin American country speak the clearest and most accurate Spanish language ?

a) Mexico
b) Costa Rica
c) Chile
d) Colombia
e…. that’s it. ( no more options, other countries speak Spanish from the 16th century using understandable accents )


  1. I know what you mean. In my PERSONAL experience and opinion, I would say the Mexico City/State of Mexico dialect. There are more educated people there, being the largest city in the world who speak correct Spanish. When you get into the rural country areas of Mexico, you are going to have a harder time.

  2. this question makes no sense, since it assumes some standard of accuracy that does not in fact exist and further assumes that the age of settlement is the only factor in the evolution of an accent, which is incorrect. what does make sense is to ask which accent is easier or harder to understand, but that depends on who is doing the understanding. i think for americans, mexican, colombian, and peruvian are all easier than f.ex. salvadoran or cuban. i never heard costarrican or chilean.

  3. I do not think that Chile has clear spanish, did you hear them?… anyway

    I think the best one is Colombia, followed by Mexico and one you didn´t include, Perou… I think those are countries that has the clearest spanish. But you should know that each country has some places that have a pronounced accent.

    Btw, i do not know how is Costa Rica´s Spanish n.nu


    Spanish speaker

    I agree with Alaric. 🙂

    btw, I´m peruvian 🙂

  4. Do you mean closest to Castillian?
    Who cares. Just like who cares if Americans are closest to British Engish. I don’t want to speak with a British accent. I don’t want to sound like Simon Cowell the baboon.
    I would rather speak German like Franklin proposed.
    And the turkey should be our national bird not the air pirate Bald Eagle.
    There are more American Spanish speakers than Spaniards.
    There are more Americans than Brits.

    Richard M
  5. I don’t think there’s such thing as "the clearest and most accurate" use of the Spanish language. Each country has their own way of using it plus, as in any other language, there are "regionalisms" that sometimes make a difference in the language even within the same country. Besides, most of the time, the differences among the Spanish speaking countries are based on "synonyms", this country says it one way, and the other countries use a synonym to say exactly the same thing.

  6. All of these countries have their own accent and have words that other people from other countries can’t understand, even if they all speak spanish. There is no "clear" spanish.

    However, I would say Peru or Chile or Bolivia speak an understandable spanish, the rest of the Latin American countries have a strong accent. I’ve been there so I know.

  7. Perú is one of the best places to learn spanish, we don’t use the vos, sos, and we don’t cut words like in Central America or use spanglish like in Mexico…etc….our pronunciation is the most clear in South America. I agree that going to big cities is the best way to learn.


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