What percentage of Californians speak Spanish?

My dad and I have a bet about what percentage of Californians speak Spanish. I say less than 50% and my dad says 50%.
I’m talking about pretty much at the level of fluency.


  1. I don’t know for sure, but there are a lot of us. I am not Hispanic, and I speak it. They say that the Hispanic population in Calif is nearly 50%. Most of them speak Spanish. I bet 50% or more.

    Roman C
  2. As a former California resident, I agree with Roman, and am in the same situation as him: A spanish speaking non-hispanic. What people often misinterpret is that not all Hispanics do and there are non-hispanics like him who do. My estimation is 30% but it also depends at what level of fluency do you consider someone a "spanish speaker".


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