What percentage of Filipinos are of Spanish/Mexican descent?

I am curious because everytime I meet a Filipino, they tell me that they are half Spanish or they have a Spanish background. In Physical appearance though, they look more Asian. It is true that all Filipinos have Spanish background? I would assume most of it to be washed out by now. I know that Spain ruled the Philipines through New Spain (modern day Mexico) to trade with China.


  1. How old are you? If you’re just in middle school then I’ll go easy on you. You see genes are NEVER washed away, that’s a stupid and baseless concept believed by people from the past. If you have passed Freshman year then you should’ve studied in Biology that genes never go away but are just recessive and can sprout in future generations.

    Not all but there are Filipinos with Spanish and Native American Backgrounds. The 3% fuss which I believe is super inaccurate is based on 20+ Filipinos studying in a University, 3 % of them had Spanish background.

    There is no exact percentage. I suggest going to all parts of the Philippines and judge for yourself. Lower Class and Upper Class Filipinos have a slight difference though.

    Here’s a video of the Filipino diversity https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S8vistjquA

    You see Philippines is in fact the most diverse place in Asia in terms of Appearance, culture and language so you can’t just say "to me they look more Asian". Asian isn’t a race, it’s the people of the largest continent on Earth so it’s really such a dumb thing to say that it’s a race.

    Get your facts straight…to trade with China? It’s to trade with Asia, and Spain didn’t even rule through New Spain BECAUSE they wanted to trade with one country.

    Here’s the direct answer to your question.

    Nobody knows, there’s not a specific answer to that but who cares?

  2. Spain ruled the Philippines for 400 years and the majority of the population have some Spanish blood in them, there is also the Chinese influence but again it seems to come down to a Chinese/Spanish appearance. Most of the family names are also of Spanish origin.

    Joseph G
  3. Truth is NOBODY knows the exact percentage of Filipinos that are Mestizos/Spanish descent….if you look it up on the web certain websites state that they make up only 3% of the population but it is inaccurate…why? because it was a study made from selected individuals…meaning out of the people that was selected only 3% of them had traces of Spanish blood…

    The test doesn’t represent the whole population…and even if we’re to say that it’s 3% that would mean that there would be at least a million Filipinos that are mestizos or have Spanish ancestry because the current population of Filipinos is 90+ million…

    However, it is safe to say that majority of Filipinos aren’t of Spanish descent…because that’s the truth….majority of Filipinos do not have Spanish ancestry…..you’d actually find more Filipinos of Chinese descent today than Filipinos of Spanish descent because the Chinese are the largest minority in PI….

    If you see an average Filipino that would claim they’re part Spanish yada yada etc…chances are he/she doesn’t know what she’s talking about or she’s lying…..because the fact is most Filipinos are morenos/of the native descent….I’ve seen this happen on too many occasions and it’s kinda ridiculous and I’m Filipino myself….what’s Spanish about the Filipinos is the cultural influence/heritage…

  4. Spanish were in phillipines a VERY long time ago did you know that phillipines has had more black influence in recent years than white? which is why philipinos have darker skin than chinese japanese koreans etc but notice they choose not to claim black mixing? Many countries around the world have been governed by others for example nigeria, hong kong, india but you don’t see these people claiming to be part british because it’d seem as silly and ridiculous as it does when philipinos say it lol

    Na Tsu
  5. Actually Mexico left a lot of thing in the filipins like a lot of words. That were In the azetec language like tata filipino use. The y at the end and also Nada and palinque ect. No bs check it out Mexico and filipino help each other and also the philipnes was ruler under new Mexico which now is Mexico but the people were helping them under cover.

  6. there is no exact percentage of spanish/mexican-mix filipinos but having been born and raised in the philippines all my life & surrounded with the so-called local filipino people everyday, all i can say is that the overall majority of the people are malays w/o european mix & i rarely see the ones that are hispanic looking & these people are only concentrated in urban places like Metro Manila, Cebu & Zamboanga. though i do also meet some of those native looking filipinos who claim they are part-spanish from their great-grandpa or one grandparent but when i asked them how did they come up to it, they would simply point out their spanish sounding surnames as evidence. i can’t help but laugh & feel sorry for them at the same time. most of the filipinos got their spanish surnames thru a decree that was imposed on the entire philippines & not thru a direct hispanic bloodline.

  7. No. Only a tiny minority of Filipinos has some European blood in them & that includes those with a Spaniard great-great-grandparent. If you go to the Philippines, you’ll find that almost everyone share the same looks with their Asian neighbors, in fact I only encountered a Filipino mestizo a few times. I also met some Filipinos here in Spain who claim that they are half-Spanish or their grandparents are Spanish just because their surnames are Torres, Valdez and Javier (which is actually considered first name here in Spain and not a surname) but they look 100% Southeast Asians and I told them “But you don’t look Spanish” then they say to me that they look more like Mexicans or Spaniards than Malays LOL I don’t know how they got that idea. Filipinos in general don’t look even close to Spaniards or Mexicans. Anyway I saw both their parents and they look full Filipino and even found out that they are indeed pure Filipino. Its so sad that they’re ashamed on their heritage and trying hard to be something they’re not.

    Joseph C
  8. We don’t know the exact percentage because they don’t check the racial census in the Philippines. The 3% is not accurate as they haven’t check the entire population in the Philippines. But basically, the areas where the Spaniard settlers are mostly from Luzon, Cebu and few from Mindanao specially the province of Zamboanga where the Spanish Creole is spoken. Some Mestizo descendant didn’t married mestizos.

    3rd/4th generation

    1st generation mestizo

  9. Jacquelita is right in that the Spanish surnames mainly came about from the “Catálogo alfabético de apellidos” – a book of Spanish surnames (and words that aren’t actually surnames). It’s called “Alpabetikong Katalogo ng mga Apelyido” in Tagalog. A decree in 1849 by the Spanish governor forcing Filipnos without surnames to take a Spanish one. That mainly included those without any Spanish blood what-so-ever. Therefore, you cannot look at a surname and say that person has Spanish bllod because you’re extremely likely to be wrong. There isn’t an accurate percentage of people with Spanish blood recorded. I’d say VERY few have even a drop. Most are of Malay ancestry and Malays are pretty mixed, but more with other Asian groups rather than Europeans. In many regions where Europeans conquered the native population, they mixed, but not much in the Philippines. Also in regions like this, it’s common for people to claim European heritage because that typically makes feel as if they are of the higher class. That’s a shame. Unfortunately, it’s true amongst some Filipinos.

  10. Now we have ancestry/DNA website…we can breakdown where we came from. Most Filipinos are of Malayan-Polynesia mixture and some Chinese. I’m lighter skinned Filipino but I would suspect more of Chinese…but my last name suggest either Japanese or Scottish ??? But I don’t look neither. Maybe it’s time to check my DNA to find out where my ancestry came from. I would want to find out instead of second guessing what my racial genetic make up would be.

  11. I’m American and my wife is filipina and she bragged about her Spanish blood. Her maiden name was Jose. So we took dna tests. She came back with with 0% Spanish dna and I came back with 5%. So now I laugh at her. Filipino and Mexicans have far less Spanish blood than they think. A name don’t make you Spanish.

  12. why on earth would you say “spanish/mexican”?

    its just spanish.

    mexico is a nation state created by white spaniards regardless of how mixed race folk today, of various admixture steal and co opt its very identity as if it werent white.

    if you arent white you arent spanish. non white mexicans have nothing to do with spain.

    Truth Hurts

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