What should I do to have my kids learn spanish if I can't speak it?

I can’t speak spanish or any other language besides English. But I want my kids; 2 year old twin girls and an infant son to speak english and spanish and maybe french if possible. I also want to make them as smart as possible. Maybe them knowing their colors, numbers, alphabet early and I want them to be ahead. How should I do this and what is the cheapest way to do this?


  1. uhh, school lol
    but i would like buy flash cards for spanish, and stuff but for makes sure the already like majored there english speasking u know?
    and just get flash cards nd stuff and there sum videos you can buy called baby einstein, look those uup and just have ur babys watch them they wiill help

    robert II
  2. Without a native speaker around all the time, they’re not going to learn and retain any of the language. You might consider hiring an au pair as that’s the closest you’ll get to a native speaker being around all the time.

  3. I would say your first step is exposure. Why don’t you have your children watch movies and listen to music in other languages, even if you yourself don’t understand it? On Librivox.org, you can find plenty of stories read in other languages by native speakers that might be appropriate for car rides or before bed. Even if they don’t understand it now, when the time comes for actual study, exposure will help with their accents and pronunciation.

    For actual study, talk to some teachers about what’s available or what actual educators would recommend. There are schools – like École Française du Maine – that educate in foreign languages for proficiency and fluency. See if there are any such institutions in your area. And if that fails, try looking around for a tutor who can come a couple of times a week by the time your children are school age.

    Bon chance!

  4. I am currently learning about childcare, so this isn’t some random crap coming out of a dickhead’s mouth (or keyboard)…. sooner isn’t better. you don’t want to overwhelm them with information. right now, they’re learning about the world and social norms and empathy and all sorts of crazy things . if you start teaching them one or two different languages, it’s going to be too much for them and i doubt they would want to lean them. especially if you yourself don’t speak any of the languages. i know that you just want the best for your children and that you love them very much and intelligence is very important. but right now, you need to focus on them learning things like self esteem, empathy, kindness… things like that. Start with the languages when they hit five (that’s when i started learning french).

  5. Hola : ) …..You could check cable stations for spanish cartoons and buy spanish music. I was told by a spanish teacher that music is the easiest way to learn.Also , go and get yourself a spanish program for your computer and learn it with them …. it’s not that difficult and would be fun to be a ble to speak it with your children …. you can make up all kinds of games to play with them to help you all remember.Besides when they get older you don’t want them speaking any language together that you don’t understand …that could really lead to mischief … kids will be kids !!
    Dar los dias amiga : )

    uncle louie
  6. Try to get them to master English first over the first 8 years. Then have them learn Latin, and then every other language will follow based on their Latin (including French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and every other romantic language). Latin provides the structure and vocabulary for most western languages.

    The best way to develop an infant’s intellect when it comes to TV is to have them watch normal TV shows with normal dialogue. Baby Einstein videos are proven to worsen ADD and ADHD because it is such a stupid, senseless, convoluted show with no real-life dialogue. To put it bluntly, it will teach them to act retarded.

    Around the ages of 2-4, start reading books to them and get them familiar with colors, numbers, alphabet, etc. At the age of 5-6, start teaching them phonics. Most public schools don’t teach phonics anymore, but it is critical. Try to get them in a phonics program of some sort. IT IS A MUST!!! Sight reading does not allow a child to decipher a word they never have seen, only phonics allows them to do it. Even in high school and college, I can tell whether a student was taught with sight-reading or phonics. The phonics crowd is a lot quicker at not only reading and writing but also thought process and communication. The sight-reading crowd can hesitate a lot when reading a passage or communicating thoughts.

    If you are on the east half of the U.S., the public schools are pretty good and I don’t think you should have a problem with their educational development as long as you have a phonics program. But if you are on the west half of the U.S., enroll your kid in a private school because the public schools are terrible, especially in the southwest.

  7. that is a really good idea!

    with teaching them colours, numbers and alphabet you can do this at home before they start school!

    when they start school choose a school that offers spanish and/or french in its curriculum and have them pick it as a subject. or you could make them take classes on saturdays.

    in my view the cheapest way is to learn spanish or french from the internet. you could learn it yourself and then when you start to learn phrases start teaching it to them so they can grasp it. (learn a foreign language in phrases NOT just in words, because some words may mean something different when put next to others in a sentance).

    i did this to to learn italian! if you go on you tube and type "travel linguist spanish" then videos will come up teaching you all sorts of phrases in that language. this is better than a textbook because you learn to say it with the correct pronunciation because in some languages you do not pronounce all letters and 2 letters together make a different sound!

    good luck!

  8. My kids are learning Spanish and Chinese and I blog on Introducing Kids to Foreign Languages at https://www.pragmaticmom.com/?page_id=1926

    We don’t speak it at home but we have used a variety of techniques to stay immersed and interested.

    I have the products including dvds, cds, books, games and more that worked for us.

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