What should I do to speak Spanish more fluently?

at school i am in spanish 1. my teacher is great, but i feel that i am not learning it all. what could i do to learn spanish quickly? i really want to learn it.


  1. practice, practice, practice… and watch Telemundo… or watch DVD movies either spoken in English, subtitled in Spanish, or vice versa ­čśë

    Oh… when I was in Spanish I, we read Spanish-version classic children’s stories.

  2. Disney movies!!!! lol try watching your favorite disney movies in spanish WITHOUT the english subtitles. Chances are if you know it word for word you will figure out the spanish. ­čÖé also hispanic music helps just find a style you like. And when all else fails, flash cards! lol

  3. Debe practicar tan mucho que puede. Busca tan muchas personas que puede encontrar y siempre hablar en español con ellos. ¡Práctica, práctica, práctica!

  4. First, pay attention to what professor is trying to teach you.
    Then, try to use the words or phrases learnt in class at any time you want to, I mean when walking by the streets, at home, in the bus, everywhere.
    Repeat and repeat the words and try to record the spanish words so you can repeat them and compare them until you level both your pronunciation with the recorded one.
    Try to learn some words each day and practice as told above.


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