What will happen when the USA elects a Mexican President that can’t speak English?

I know plenty people born in the USA and can not or will not speak English, so that answers that question
I’m Sorry
A Mexican American President, born in the USA and went to school in Mexico, that is permissible!!


  1. By then the majority of Americans will understand him. It’s at least 15years off though. But at the rate illegals are having kids here (who are then U.S. citizens) the day will come. As long as the United States keeps a policy of not really checking workers for legal status, huge numbers of illegal workers will continue to live here. Walls and guards will slow the influx, but only real identity checks by employers will change things.

  2. Can’t happen. The president must be a naturalized citizen. So what’s your point?

    Edit: The students whom I have worked with in my ESL classroom who are American born and have issues with the English language are simply and unfortunately not going to reach the level of education necessary to get elected. Most of presidents have a JD and they at least have their BA. I know no university in the US wherein you can earn a BA in another language.

    International education isn’t considered valid in the US (from any country, not just Mexico).

    It’s not going to happen, it’s okay. People used to think the same about Germans to the point where we once considered making German the national language (and no we do not have a national language)

  3. Calderon can speak english and the US made sure he got elected – illegally. Just like Dubya (twice).

    Andrés Manuel López is the real President and everyone knows it.

  4. Sorry. Gotta be born in the US and be a citizen of the US, with more than seven consecutive years living in the US prior to nomination/election to run for President of the United States of America. If you are going to try to change that, you will first need to take control of the US Supreme Court, then after that, the US Congress, so the laws can be changed, then deemed not in violation of the US Constitution. Good luck.

  5. For one thing, that was a dumb question. A Mexican born man cannot become el presidente of The US. Second, I don’t think any people would vote for a Mexican man who is illiterate in the English language.

  6. It will never happen, and in my opinion and I may be wrong, but it will be frist a woman, then a black person and then maybe a Mexican. I am not racist by any means, but being in the field I am in , thats the order it is going to fall ????

  7. Don’t know how that will happen, as a Spanish speaking politician won’t appeal to english speaking voters! He/she might be able to win primaries in bi-lingual states, but won’t have a prayer at being elected as a candidate in the majority of states where english is dominant!

    Besides it’s bad enough we can’t trust the politicians who we CAN understand. I would never vote for someone who doesn’t speak my language.

  8. We would never elect one. Can’t vote for somebody when I can’t understand them. You might like to think that the rest of the USA doesn’t count. But we are here.

  9. We need to make English the ONLY language here. Just say no to Spanish. My X wife is Chinese, but she learned how to speak English and came here lkegally so what makes the Mexicans so special?

  10. well if they are born in the US, they wouldn’t BE mexican…would they?? mexican is a nationality, NOT a race. and you must be a native born US citizen, to be president.

  11. Governor Richardson is a Mexican-American candidate for president in 2008, who happens to be fluent in English and Spanish. I would much prefer an honorable Mexican as president of the United States,who cannot speak English than someone like Baracka bin Hussein Obama,who speaks English,but says nothing. So called Hispanics are replacing the black Americans as the largest so called "minority" group in the U.S.A., and soon will displace white Americans as the majority. So, the time has come for a Mexican president. Viva Mexico,y viva la revolucion!

    john c
  12. LOL!

    A U.S. President who doesn’t speak English. In your vivid imagination do you see white, black, asian, latinos (who are not Mexican), indian tribes, and embarrassed Mexican-Americans voting for him?

    If the Mexican invaders manage to create a political party, and put forth a candidate for President, that managed to be born in the U.S. but raised in Mexico, and the invader’s adult anchor kids managed to elect him President with enough electoral votes, he would be the first Hispanic President-elect, the first Mexican-American President elect, and the first President-elect to be assassinated before moving into the White House.

    Oglala Lakota Sioux
  13. "I believe I will be the last President that speaks English, and glady"

    – President Clinton addressing La Raza at a luncheon during his term to cheers and applause

  14. the last two presidents of Mexico both were educated in the U.S. in Ivy league schools!!!!!!

    and voting for a woman, an African-American, a Mexican-American, or Japanese-American, an Arab-American, or any other AMERICAN!!!!! will be better than the WASP we have in office today!!!!!!


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