What would the Mexican gov do if an American lived in Mexico illegally?

I know it’s very difficult for an immigrant to live in Mexico – they cannot get any welfare even after become a citizen, they must speak Spanish fluently, there is no bi-lingual education provided and only professionals (no labor workers) can apply for citizenship and they can’t buy properties in good areas such as near the ocean. So if someone were found to live in Mexico without having qualified for all of the above and gotten a citizenship, what would the Mexican gov do to them?


  1. well if you were got trying to cross the border you would be shot and then thrown in jail. the only reason that the mexicans want their people to invade america is so that they can mooch off taxpayers and send back paychecks which should be in the pockets of americans. also, mexico doesn’t have any liberals to "protect the rights" of all the godd*** illegals crossing the border every day.

  2. You mean like the many US criminals that spend years hiding from US law courts?

    Seriously, are you people slow or just never heard of fleeing to Mexico?

    Smells like New Screen Names
  3. Try entering Mexico without a passport. You’ll find out.

    And if you are not American and are caught sneeking in, you’ll never be seen again.

    Capitalist and proud of it
  4. well the Mexican government has its military on its southern boarder yet the scream and cry when the US talks about protecting its southern boarder, I think that says it all

    BHO's drug dealer
  5. Everything you just said is a lie aside from the welfare statement. I know because I stay in Thailand and was looking at Mexico first and planning to immigrate there. Mexico is one of the easiest countries to immigrate to.

    -All you need to know is basic Spanish, you don’t need to be fluent.
    -There is no need for bi-lingual education, anybody can learn spanish by going to a library or typing "learn spanish" in google. Anybody can learn the basics of spanish easily.
    -Anybody can apply for citizenship after residing in Mexico for 5 years.
    -Any citizen with enough money can buy property anywhere in Mexico. It’s the people who are not citizens that can’t buy property near the ocean. Big deal, I can’t purchase property here in Thailand as a foreigner, so Mexico is already going out on a limb by letting foreigners purchase property in the first place. Check USA’s requirements for foreigners buying property and you will see that it is much easier in Mexico.
    -When illegal immigrants are caught in Mexico, they are detained and deported, just like in USA, unless they have some money on them, then la migra can "overlook" the situation.

  6. It’s not that hard to get papers, it’s tedious but not hard. Plus, there are some jobs that have some benefits (health care), not at all like the benefits in the states but It’s better to have papers and be legal. Documents can really help out, because you need them for lots of things (getting an ID, diver’s license, a job). Sorry I wouldn’t know how to get them but I know it can be done, I think It’s worth a shot.

    Either way, I don’t think it’s easy to get caught living there. my aunt lived there and she’s legal now. She looked at all of her options and found out it’s not even hard to get fake documents, but it’s ao much better to have something to defend yourself with that’s real.

    Andrea L

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