What's the best way to learn how to speak Spanish?

I am triracial (African American ,Dominican,Puerto Rican)
and cannot speak a lick of spanish all of my older brothers can but none of my sisters or myself can, and I would like to learn… but I am 27 years old amd my dad say’s that I am too old to learn and that none of it will stick if I do try to learn. can some one help.


  1. You’re never too old to learn! As long as you want to learn and don’t denounce it as being too difficult or whatever, then you should be fine.

    The secret to learning Spanish is all about getting the right information and knowledge at the right time. If you’re just starting out then it’s advisable to *not* go for it and try and teach yourself because you’ll just get confused.

    Invest some money in a quality Spanish program such as Rocket Spanish or Rosetta Stone Spanish. These two will give you top quality information in an easy step-by-step fashion, helping you to learn the language to the best level.

    Take a look at how to best learn with this site: https://www.fastonlinespanish.com

    James K
  2. You aren`t too old to learn!

    Try to listen to music in Spanish, and look up the lyrics whenever you find a song that you like (In Google type the name of the song with "letra" and the lyrics should come up).

    Watch movies with English speech and Spanish subtitles. Read the subtitles while listening to the English — this really helped me.

    Once you know some basic Spanish, read small articles written in Spanish to help you identify word pattern and usage. It`s great practice.

    I hope this is a help, and I wish you good luck!

  3. When I was in Germany, many years ago, I learned German the hard way. I followed the German advice – they say that the only way to learn a language is "mit ein bett lexicon."

    I expect that you can work that out for yourself.

    I agree about Rosetta Stone. I have a RS Mandarin Chinese CD, it is excellent. Not that cheap, but worth the money.

  4. do not buy Rosetta.

    You got " un arroz con mango " right there!! , girl.

    I am American Indian and I have learn several languages.

    today days You have to……unless you gonna live in a cave for the rest of Your life
    ….at 27 You have to be thinking about Your life,You are "talking" like a 15 years old girl (sorry to be rude)
    Your dad say not to !!!! so,you no going no were?

    go to near school and register for the "ENGLISH CLASS" , for Spanish speakers. the purpose of this is to make Hispanic friends.

    john m
  5. can you find a way to go live in DR or PR for a while? (or go to any other Spanish speaking country for that matter???)

    don’t listen to your dad. his saying that only exposes all too well his own inadequacies. no one is "too old" to learn another language. if you have the desire then you’ll find a way.

    i’m almost twice your age, and i’m still working on a bunch of languages in my spare time.

  6. Your father thinks that because children pick up on how to speak languages really fast, but it’s harder for adults. There’s podcasts you can listen to I’m sure. Is the Dominican ethnicity Native American?

  7. Have a listen to https://www.spanishpod101.com , it’s a podcast for learning Spanish. It’s free, and I’m sure you’ll find it useful, since you have family members to help you out. Tell your sisters too, it’ll be easier if the whole family learns.

    How is it that the brothers of the family learnt Spanish but the sisters didn’t?

  8. Hi, It’s NEVER too late. I started to learn German (without the aforementioned bett lexixon) at 23. I’ll never forget the thrill of the first time I managed to ‘keep’ the conversation in German without lapsing in to English. Best is to go to a Spanish speaking country – or find a club or some people to speak with. The main thing is to WANT to learn, to be interested in the language and to get over the fear of making a complete (grammatical) fool of yourself. People will and DO appreciate someone making the effort to learn their language and WILL forgive mistakes. Don’t forget that the written language is different to the spoken version – this is true of English too. Watch spanish TV, listen to spanish radio, speak spanish when possible. You may understand only 10% today but tomorrow you will understand 11% – It’s a slow process and never worry that you don’t understand 100% – I’m sure that (like me) there are times you come across new English words and have to pause. Different languages have a different ‘view’ of the world – which is interesting in itself. I could go on but…, Good Luck and have fun.


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