Whats the difference between, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Mexican, Brazilian, and German Football?

Whats the difference between these different sports? Is it all the same crap poverty sport that involves kicking a ball into a net for a goal? Whats the differences between football or soccer played all all the different countries?


  1. Well let’s see. Every sport has an objective. NASCAR is about winning a race and was created by failing auto companies as a way to market themselves….most of their fans are people who have no talents and can pretend to "follow" a "athlete" who simply takes more risks to be faster and paste a logo on TV. Football is like soccer about crossing a line…it’s a war game that is about your offense getting past the opponents defense. Hockey is soccer on ice. Baseball is about scoring runs at a snail’s pace and moving your batter around the bases.

    It seems every sport is pretty silly if you break it down to a dimwit with no friend’s basest analysis. What do you pride yourself on? Being too good to have friends? Creating children who have no social skills? Having no girlfriend because that is just about inserting an object into a goal?

    You sir are too good for life….surely a better place awaits you…..godspeed….now get on with what you have to do because you don’t belong here.

    Don't dive for me Argentina!
  2. They all have different styles of play. That’s the difference.
    "Crap poverty sport"
    You’re probably just saying this cause you can’t play the sport.
    It’s an amazing sport if you actually start watching and playing it. I’m guessing you’re from either Canada or the U.S, which is why you’re probably saying that. I live in Canada but originally from Portugal, and well everyone loves the sport. You should give it a chance.

    It doesn’t involve only kicking a ball into a net.. you need great technique, ball control and good footwork! You try getting by a bunch of great defenders and scoring a goal. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

    When you’ve mastered the sport (meaning scoring amazing free kicks, great ball control and fancy footwork etc..) then you can come back and ask a question talking about football like that ( :

    I’m not trying to offend you or anything, just stating my views on this.

  3. every country has there own style
    since pass countries are remembered by there styles
    but over the years has change but there are exapmple
    german football is strong and make long distance goals
    brazil is known for ther technique with the ball (joga bonito) or happy football
    english is known for there perfection and great midfield
    mexican is known for there awesome team work
    itanlian is known for having the best defense
    spanish in present years is known for making lots of team work and touching the ball
    french is a combination of english and italian

    but by time football changes

  4. Ur a dumbass. Football is one of the most popular sports in the world and all those countries need to have there own leagues, it’s not rocket science. It’s also one of the most technical sports in the world so not exactly just "kicking the ball into a net". "Crap poverty sport"? So i guess u don’t know how some clubs are brought for billions of dollars and players go for millions themselves such as the most expensive player in the world being sold for 80mil Pounds. It’s easy to say football is the richest sport in the world, so get some facts before asking stupid questions.

  5. I’ll take the question instead of the details to the question. Do we really need all these sub topics about soccer, probably not. 1 group for national teams (or the world cup section I guess) Another for European Professional clubs, another for south American clubs perhaps, unless you just wanted to do 1 club section and lump them in all together. They could even just do 1 soccer group.

    American football managed to have 1 group when there is powder puff, pee wee, high school, college, afc, nfc, NFL, maybe even get an entire section for the supper bowl, each could have gotten their own individual groups but all are under American football here in yahoo answers.

    That said it makes for much easier navigating to get to the teams that you want to talk about. there are 50+ teams in each of those countries and being an international venue has more people to likely talk about those teams on here then Americans would about their sports, I guess through letters and the like they got multiple sub groups but yes they all play the same game that is why these are sub groups only reachable after you click Football(soccer.)

  6. Hello Scott, I want to play a game. For the past years you call a "life" you have done nothing but insult a sport that is much inferior to what you have ever accomplished. Up until now, you have wasted your life on bullying others over the internet, taking your regret to what happens to you in the real life. The device that you are wearing is hooked onto your lower vital organs. If you do not get a life soon, the device pierce your vital organs and end the misarable thing you call a "life" .Live or die Scott. You choose..

  7. Erm… they’re all the same sport, but each country brings it’s different style to the sport. English has a direct style of play, French has a fluent, and intricate passing orientated style, Italian has a defensive style, Spanish has a similar style of direct play as the English, but they combine this very effectively with latin countries flamboyance and speed, Mexican has a flamboyant style too, Brazilian even more so with flamboyance, but also skill and flair, and the Germans have a calculated and efficient style, involving close control passing, high pressure on the ball, and clinical finishing.

    These are all based very much on reputation down the years, and have deviated slightly, but they are all still pretty much true to their roots.

    To answer you’re silly question about it being a ‘crap, poverty sport’ (????) involving kicking a ball into a net for a goal. Yes I suppose, but with further research I think you will find, as the rest of us have, that there is a fair bit more to it than that.

  8. English football is exciting. Players move really fast
    Spanish and Brazilian football got skill
    Mexican, I don’t know
    Italian football requires players to be tough
    German and French football are not really exciting. Physical

    The Bronx Bombers

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