1. People in Spain tend to use the second person plural form of "vosotros" in place of the Latin American "Ustedes"

    Also, there are words that are used in Latin America that aren’t used in Spain. The reverse is true, as well. It is similar to how England uses some words and America doesn’t. Be aware that Latin American Spanish is just a general term, too, because Panamanian Spanish is different than Argentinian Spanish, which is different than Mexican Spanish.

    If you say "Old Spain Spanish" then you’d be talking about "Old Spanish," which is the Spanish of Medieval times, much like Old and Middle English are for modern English. For future reference, you can say "Spanish of Spain," "Castilian Spanish" or "castellano."

    Steve the Linguist
  2. Spain uses 2 forms for ustedes. Ustedes is formal and is conjugated normally. The other form, is vosotros and is informal. It is conjugated differently. They also make their s sound like a lisp. They speak rather quickly as well.


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