whats the difference between mexican and costa rican spanish?

and how do you tell someone you have a peanut allergy and is there any peanuts in the food?


  1. The isn’t much difference between Costa Rican and Mexican spanish, just the accent and obviously some of the slang. But if you can understand spanish in Mexico you will understand spanish in Costa Rica.

    And you would say I have a peanut allergy : "Soy allergic@ al mani" and Is there any peanuts in the food "Esta comida contiene mani?"…

    And no Costa Rica doesn’t have the worse spanish, I’m not sure how someone could qualify a countries language as better or worse than others…

  2. Costa Ricans don’t speak the spanish right. Their spanish has an american-english or british accent. The pronunciation of the R for them is the same of the american english.

    Mexico and Nicaragua has the best spanish in the world.

    Hernan Ñamendí

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