what's the difference between Mexican and Latino?

aren’t all brown people that speak Spanish Mexican? I don’t understand why Mexicans don’t want to be called Mexican but Latino? Isn’t it a country that’s proud of who they are?

Latino…what kind of a racial label is that?! LOL.


  1. Latino are people from Latin American most people from Latin America are brown and speak Spanish except Brazil they are the only Latinos who don’t speak Spanish i think Haiti are consider Latinos too

  2. Mexican is a Mexican
    while latino is can be a Mexican
    @afro latino
    Also Gautemalans, salvaodreans, most of central america, and bolivians, and people from peru are ugly, and Haiti if you consider them latino.

    Rocky (brutally Honest)
  3. All brown people that speak Spanish are not from Mexico, that is why not all "brown" people who speak Spanish are Mexican. Some are Guatemalan, or Salvadorean, or Chilean, or Argentinian, etc. and so on.

    The term Latino covers all of Latin America. It is not a racist term. Anyone, Hispanic or not, who thinks so is ignorant of the meaning.

    I am half Mexican, btw.

  4. Hey, this is what I heard. Latino is what Mexicans and some other non White spanish speaking people prefer to be called. The Cuban like the term Hispanic. Now I heard from of friend that some Latinos resent the name hispanic and feel that it’s a White classification. Latino is more ethnic and less White so Spanish speaking people that have a heavier % of non European blood prefer this and Cubans and other spanish speaking people with a more European look prefer Hispanic.

  5. people who speak spanish can be umm spanish lol or venezuailan, puerto rican, or cuban, chilean, or dominicano, and there’s lot more places they can be from lol .. mexicans are mexican and also latino .. latino isn’t racist it’s what race we are we’re not black white pacific islander native american or asian, were latin people

    Na Tsu
  6. Latin es la gente de Roma. There the people of Rome. And the actual correct use of Latino is anyone with latin descendens and/or from a latin country souch as Portugal, Spain, France, Romania, Italy. But heres what I don’t get why, why do you get a lable just cuz of a language you speak. That don’t make no sense no how (sorry i’m a terrible speller.) But heres the thing, I’m latino because I have roman/latin blood flowin in my vein, not because I speak castellano. But again, if you go by the language label, then anyone that learns castellano is latino. Que piensan ustedes? Some native speakers are full native american these so called “brown” people the person that asked this is talkin about. We’re not latinos, we’re native americans, the first americans. And, well, I include myself cuz I’m cherokee, not aztec, or mayan, etc. But we’re all native american, even if we speak Spanish. We’re not latino (well, I have spanish an french ancestors, so I am part), we’re native american, whether or not your full blood. Again que piensan?

    Dr. Fumbolitos
  7. Latin is a person of European extraction, not natives to America .Mexican is a nationality , not a race , so both , white and natives are Mexicans .But whites are not Americans , the natives are , naturally .

  8. The languish an individual speaks ,does not reflect his race .A Chinese person
    can speak German and be born in Germany, that does not make him European , not even German , why? because is a matter of ethnicity , but he could be a German national . A white man can be born in Africa and speak Swahili , but he will not be Swahili or African ,he’ll be white and European for the rest of his natural life .In this country of the United States , everything and everybody is misnamed , the Caucasians called themselves Americans and the people of colour , African “American” or Asian”American”or spanish “Americans” and all of this is totally wrong and what is amazing is that the rest of the world accepts this idiocy and crass insult towards the real Americans .

  9. I just had this discussion tonight my baby is part mexican, from what his family has said they are mexican not latino. Latino people are from latin america mexicans are from mexico.. so this is what i am hearing so this helps thats peeps of the www : )

  10. I am an American, born in Texas the good old USA of Mexican extraction, that makes me a Tejano a Mexican-American, not Latino, Hispanic, Chicano or any other label and proud WWII Vet.

    El Viejo
  11. where is latinamerica? there is no such continent. It’s more of an invention to keep us ignorant of our true ancestry and history. You are either from North America, Central America, South America, or the caribbean. To say every spanish speaker is hispanic or latino is racist since we are not the same race or may not even have spanish roots. Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Chilenos etc may speak the same language but we are not the same race so we cannot be considered Hispanic, Latino or whatever term that identifies us as white Europeans because we are not white to begin with. We should be classified by the continent that we live in and not as something we are not “White European”. Just like Asians, Africans, Europeans, etc who are identified by the continent in which they live in.

  12. Hello, I am here to make the difference. Okay. The difference of Mexican and Latino is the same thing. Let me say why. A white American woman or man is a Latin American. Latin America that constitutes the American Continent beginning Alaska to Argentina. If you have questions. Check the dictionary. It is our best friend. If people cannot answer your questions, go to find the Webster dictionary and then you can find out who is not smart and who has lack of culture and intelligence. So, then you can find out that some white people are not sufficient cultured. White American and Mexican is the same thing like anyone in American continent and like Europe and Asia and Africa. There is no contest in any kind of race or ethnic. It’s not because the White Americans are bad, because they have not sufficient prepared for school or culture. Some Americans are very cultured like Mexicans or any race. Race or ethnic is not important. It is your brain that is very important. Are you Christian? Then forget about it. Because the Christian constitution declares that there is no difference white, black, slave, free or male and female. Do not worry about your color skin. Somebody who is making you a difference of your race. Know for sure, he is not Christian. He is not of Christ. Because in Christ we are all the same thing. There is no difference for Christ. Anyone who is making you different because of your color skin because you are brown or black is not of Christ. Anyone who is saying to you Hispanic, he is not of Christ. Jesus did make any of difference. Know that the people who says they are Aryans, are not. They pretend to be Aryans. Aryans are a noble race who are not racists. I was laughing all day looking at the people what’s wrong? Where is their culture?


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