Whats the difference between spanish and mexican?

To me they seem to be the same..but people says that they’re different languages…
I’m just curious because many people say that they speak spanish but is Mexican..


  1. Mexican isn’t a language. Mexicans are people who speak Spanish but people in Spain (Spaniards) also speak Spanish with a diiferent dialect. Even within Spain, various regions have their own dialect.

  2. They both speak spanish albeit with different accents and dialects, but Mexicans are from Mexico whereas Spaniards are from Spain. That is a big difference.

  3. we can see de diferences because we are spanish speakers an we can see and lisen dis diference as u can see de diference betwwen the jamaican and de england and others

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  4. The difference would be in the slang used. Mexico does not speak Castilian Spanish or use the slang they do in Spain. There are a lot of Mayan words and other native words used.
    Just like the US, we don’t speak the same English they do in England. They have their slang and we have ours.
    Generally both countries can under each other with a little bit of trouble at times.

    Tin Can Sailor

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