1. It’s all spanish its just different ways to say things. Like in the south we call every soft drink a coke but in the north they call it soda. Spanish from spain is usually more proper, they are very well spoken. And mexican spanish is a lil more "ghetto". I guess you could compare it to English English and American English.

    Ana C
  2. You should probably say Spaniard Spanish (or spanish from Spain) and Mexican spanish.
    Spanish is spanish no matter the country.
    Differences are accents, slangs, expressions, pronunciation, some words but they definitely understand each other.
    And of course you’re learning one from Spain and the other one from Mexico (only that country), but don’t forget you have approx. other 20 countries down south where the official language is Spanish. "latinamerican spanish" don’t get confused.

  3. well i live in a small town in california right next to the border with Mexico and I’m fluent in Spanish so I would say that its the way we use words. Like right across the border in Mexico they use some english words mixed with their spanish because they are so close to the border. Also people just make up words and they dont really appear in any dictionary. It’s like you have to experience it to learn it. And if you just learn Spanish in some school they wont teach you the slang words. If you’re taking spanish already then you probably learned to use vosotros. But no one in Mexico actually uses that…..it’s way too formal and educated. If you learn spanish they’ll just teach you the most educated and correct words. Like if you learned english they wouldn’t teach you the words dude or hey or whats up, because it’s not something that is in a dictionary. Unless you have a teacher that is Mexican or that lived in Mexico for a time…then you will learn only the formal Spanish.


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