What's this site with hot mexican/spanish people?

I was looking on google for hot spanish/mexican/latino guys one time and i came across this site that was like myspace or beebo. it had pictures and profiles of spanish guys and girls with information and age and all that and i tried looking for it but can’t find it. i don’t think it was a dating site just some social site. Anyone know what I’m talking about?


  1. im in australia and need some phrases translated for tattooing, but on trying to get a translation online have learnt how many different variations / dialects spanish is spoken.

    my concern is because it will wording that gets tattooed, that it isnt an incorrect translation…. or …though correct in 1 dialect it in another spanish dialect is read as something completely different.

    Ive been online for hours now searching. Im hoping this is right……

    +++ Would ” Mexican/Spanish ” be the most widely used in California?
    ( i want the dialect that would be street speak …. not the strict school taught way )

    anyone willing to help?? … please =)


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