When hiring clerks for my store, should I hire spanish speaking ones, so they can speak to everyone?

I will need 5 employees, and one supervisor. But if I hire a bilangual staff of Spanish/english speakers, I probably will need a bilangual supervisor too, right? I anticipate probably at least 30% of my customers will speak only spanish or prefer to communicate with spanish speaking store personnel.


  1. If possible, I would definitely hire bilingual staff, but what happens with this sometimes is a lot of people come in applying saying that they are bilingual but really they are not, just be careful.

    also, if you have spanish-speaking staff it will bring in more clientes that are limited to only speaking in Spanish. At least one boss or supervisor should be bilingual.

    I work at a restaurant and probably about 30-35% of the customers that come in woudl prefer to speak in Spanish than in English and 95% of the kitchen staff only speaks spanish. In a situation like this, it would make so much sense to hire bilingual applicants over monolingual ones.

    Salvad el gulfo !
  2. i say you hire illegal immigrants to work at your store so if they mess up you can tie them up and take them to an INS building near you, thats like 3000$ per illegal head. just get new ons each time before you give them their salary…im just saying thats a very evil thing to do, but you never know. i would not do it myslef but…

  3. I have a store. I sell television and computer repairs. The sign on my store says, ‘English only spoken here. If you want to speak spanish, go back to Mexico’.
    You alone are the best judge here. If hiring someone to translate the illegals living where yo are makes sense, then do it. Most of the illegals up here where I live will speak English when they are forced to do so. If they don’t or you don’t need their business, then screw them.
    Generally, I ask for the money ahead of time, or a Green card, before I do any repairs, myself. Call me racist, OK, but I consider it to be good business practice.
    My customers think the sign is appropriate, by the way.

  4. You can be a capitalist or a racist. (One "ist" at a time). One will make more money, and one will have "cooler" friends like that awesome TV store guy.

    Lord of The Flies Pt.2
  5. Good idea because you are sensitive to the needs of your customers. There is a University for the Deaf in my home town. The stores in the area hire people who are fluent in sign. Its a good practice.


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