When people started to believe that only mexican speak spanish?

Because I know a lot of americans that think, that no other countries that speak spanish exist and for them all the hispanic looking are mexican.


  1. I don’t really understand your question.

    The closest I can come is "When did people start to believe that only Mexicans speak Spanish?" but that makes no sense at all because no one thinks that only Mexicans speak Spanish–everyone knows that Spanish is spoken in Spain and almost everywhere in Central and South America–people would be more likely to forget that Spanish is not the *only* language spoken in South America.

    Could you please re-phrase your question?

  2. Given that Spanish is their second language, I’m pretty sure that Americans are more than aware of where the Spanish language comes from (apart from Mexico) They host nationalities from so many Spanish speaking communities that they would come second only to The Spanish (Spain) in naming countries that speak Spanish. I’m not American but I’m offended by remarks about Americans. They are wonderful people.

  3. i think that most, if not all americans, know that mexico is not the only source of the spanish language… i believe that americans could tell you more about where spanish is spoken than any other language…
    and why do you concern yourself with what a few ignorant people think anyway?

    Matthew M
  4. There was a time when Spain and Portugal rule the world and Spanish was the world language, in my country the Philippines, spanish is still a part of our language and so in most countries of the world. Southern USA was once a territory of Mexico during the Spanish regime, so that must be the time when all spanish speaking person is a Mexican.

    Benjamin C

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