When someone comes to the US, and they speak spanish, do you automatically assume they are mexican?

Stereotyping much?
They could be from Spain…..


  1. Od course not. Being from France I know plenty of spanish people in my own city.
    There is a bit difference in the accent and the language.

    றaறour ø♥ø
  2. Well as a Mexican and living 5 minutes away from the border. Yes, i would automatically assume they would be. BUT! to stop the stereotyping there are ALOT and i mean ALOT of WHITE Hispanics. So people cannot easily assume they’re Spaniards either. Usually you can tell from a persons’ accent. I hate to sound this way but Spaniards have a lisp. Cubans and Puerto Ricans speak a little too fast and don’t necessarily pronounce the r’s. Mexicans speak slow. and as for Central American and South Americans they speak alot faster as well, and some with a lisp like the Spaniards.

  3. u dont have to be from spain or mexico to speak spanish there are also central, caribbean, and south american countries with spanish as their official language. and u also cant assume what language some one speaks because of the way they look. Mexicans and the rest of latin americans are all made up of different races which means that they all have different appereances. americans think that mexico is the only spanish speaking country in the world and that all mexicans are dark skinned and all look the same. they really have no idea…


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