Where can I find sites that show the difference between Mexican and Spanish Cuisine?

This is for a school project, and any help would be appreciated. We are not allowed to use Wikipedia, or any other wiki.


  1. Mexicans 1.they use hot peppers,2. they also eat grasshoppers3.,they use maza harina for tamales, tortilla 4.they flavor there hot chocolate with cinnamon and jalapeno 5. they make tequila from agave plants 6.they have rose petal in some dishes7.they use epazote in there food 8.they make pulge a fermented drink from the ancient Mayans, 9.they make sauces that incoporate raisins, nuts spices chocolate for there mole,,spanish has more influence european,
    Spanish1they use olive oil in there cooking,2 safron comes from there an the most expensive herb in the world,3, wine producing is also theres 4.bread is always on the table not tortillas 5.olives diffrent kinds 6.,smoked meats is also there style 7.rice dishes are mostly not beans 8.parsley is used in there cooking not cilantro 9.brandy is there forte also in country, namaste

    The cuisines of Mexico and Spain represent the melding of cultures, making it difficult at times to distinguish the difference between the two cultures’ dishes. Spanish cuisine, a wide mix of Phoenician, Greek and Middle Eastern food, has influenced that of Mexico and vice versa. The elements of Mexican and Spanish cooking styles have blended, however each continues to celebrate their own unique and distinguishable culinary heritage.

    Familiarize yourself with the Spanish contributions to Mexican cuisine. When the Spanish came to Mexico they brought pigs and cows, sugar, olives, garlic and cheese.
    Step2Learn about the Mexican contributions to Spanish cuisine. The Spanish imported a number of food items from the New World including tomatoes, potatoes, vanilla, chocolate, a variety of beans, zucchini and peppers.
    Step3Recognize the staple foods of Mexico. Though beans and corn tortillas can be found in Spain, they are the backbone of a Mexican diet, as are a wide variety of fruits. Many types of cactus native to Mexico are used like vegetables or as the base in dessert dishes.
    Step4Be aware of staple foods in Spanish cuisine. Spanish meals often mimic the flavors of the Middle East, using honey, cumin and saffron and tend to use more olive oil, garlic and eggplant than Mexican dishes. Famous for sweet and dry sherry, entrees and desserts in Spain are often flavored with wine.
    Step5Distinguish spiciness as seasonings vary greatly between Mexican and Spanish Cuisine. Cilantro and hot chili peppers are a basic ingredient in almost every Mexican dish. Cilantro is difficult to find in Spain and while Spanish cuisine utilizes peppers, they generally use a mild variety.
    Step6Observe how the food is served. Mexican dishes are usually served for one and can be eaten with your hands, such as a tostada. Spanish dishes on the other hand are often served to share; tapas for example.
    Step7Recognize native foods and dishes that have crossed the sea. Gazpacho and Chorizo, both native to Spain, but are often thought of as part of Mexican cuisine. Potatoes and sweet potatoes used more often in Spain are actually native to South America.


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