Where can I go to learn real Spanish, not Mexican?

My church is going on a mission trip to Spain and I want to learn real Spanish. However, every where I look it is only Mexican being taught. Is there a website or software that specializes in real Spanish? Mexican won’t help me in Spain.


  1. She’s not saying that there’s a language called "Mexican", she’s saying that the Mexican dialect is much different than pure Spanish which is true

    slick american prince
  2. Do you live in Cali or like Florida or something? Spanish and Mexican should be about the same, but Mexican usually comes with some newer terms and different slang, just like our version of English compared to that of people from England.

  3. First of all, Mexican is not a language.

    Secondly, Spanish is spoken in both Spain and Mexico, there are just a few minor differences in the WAY that people speak the language. Other than that, there is no "Mexican language". Spanish is just Spanish.

    Have fun in Spain!


    lmao… you my friend should not be allowed to leave the country for fear of spreading your slow poke disease…

    if u are, in fact, serious… then i’m sorry… but both Spanish ppl from SPAIN and Mexicans from MEXICO… speak SPANISH… there is no such thing as "mexican"

    Pr!nce$$ Iza
  5. Oh my word you are so lucky. I want to visit Spain so badly. Definatly learn Spanish, it’s a beautiful language that you WILL USE. The best program for your computer is probably Rosetta Stone. It may be a bit expensive but I hear it’s definatly worth it. The absolute best way to learn in my opinion however, is a GOOD teacher. Some teachers aren’t good at explaining, but if you have a really good teacher, it’s soo helpful because you can ask questions and actually learn one on one. Also, I’d try getting some books, maybe start looking up some. (:

    Good luck and have a fun trip! ♥

    ღ semz
  6. lol do you realize how retarded you sound right now? I’m from Spain i was born and raised there. I have no problem talking to people that are from Mexico.the only little minor difference is that we have different accents. THEY SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE!!!

    Edit: @ slick american prince: you sir just ended up sounding as retarded as she did

  7. There is no "Mexican" language. The language that is spoken in Mexico is Spanish, same as in Spain.
    There is no real Spanish and fake Spanish, there’s just Spanish.
    My "Mexican Spanish" was perfectly usable when I went to Spain.
    But good luck trying to find a website that specializes in "Spain Spanish"

    @slick american: The difference between European and Latina American Spanish are to little to consider them different dialects. They are both mutually intelligible.
    And she did implied that they were separate languages.

  8. lol Mexican is not a language, they speak spanish there.
    they may have diffrent accents and diffrent slang but other than that there is really no diffrence , once you learn any type of spanish your good to go to any spanish speaking country , from there you can pick up the slang/accent , if thats what you want.

  9. Mexican is not a language it is a nationality! Spanish is a language that was originated in Spain and is spoken amongst many countries in a different dialect.Please learn the difference because that is insulting to some people.But you can use rosetta stone or look on craigslist.com for tutors.

  10. Yeah. I get what your saying. Mexican Spanish has a lot of improper grammar as well as a very different vocabulary. Try “studyspanish.com” or basically any site that includes “vosotros” in the grammar. I wanted to learn true Mexican Spanish and it really helped me to go to, though it may sound crazy, Yahoo Answers and click the Spanish flag on the bottom of the screen next to “España.” That way, you can read actual questions asked by people from Spain as well as ask them questions about your Spanish. Your questions will have to be in Spanish that you have learned so the answerers may only get the jist (or is it “gist”) of what you’re saying but as you learn more, you can get better at writing and conversational Spanish. By the way, it helps to perfect your pronunciation. Castillian (or Spain Spanish) is pronounced differently than Latin American Spanish. Antonio Banderas uses Castillian pronunciation when he speaks Spanish in most of his movies. It would also help to rent Spanish movies (as in made in Spain) and watch them as well as look up websites and magazines from Spain to get better. Unfortunately, I don’t have any recommendations for you because I needed to learn Mexican Spanish. I just learned Spanish in high school but then I did all of my suggestions to improve. I also talked to native speakers but it is much harder to find natives from Spain in America than Hispanics. Good luck on your mission trip!

  11. Spanish and Mexicans speak the same language, some words vary, because of the infkluence of autonomic communties in spain and native languages iun mexico. the accent differs, but ANY Mexican understands Spanish and viceversa. This is so absurd a question as asking whether you should go through some English language cleansing before going to the UK

    Martha M
  12. If you know any Argentinians or Bolivians talk to them, you will roughly get the idea of how Spaniards talk, Mexican Spanish is really rough and the accent makes it sound even more horrible, trust me that people in Spain will laugh at you if you speak like a Mexican.

    Sources- I’m from Spain.


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