Where can I learn “Mexican” Spanish?

I’m half mexican,but I live on the east coast,so when i speak spanish is like rican spanish when i speak.Although i’m somewhat fluent in spanish [Que carajo quieres,me dejes sola,tengo hambre,su novia,lo que…] I need help with mexican spanish,so to speak,like I know you wouldnt say "orale" in puerto rico,and you wouldn’t say "ya tu sabes" in mexico..?


  1. California or Upstate New York. I am half Puerto Rican and I am facing the exact opposite situation; I speak Mexican Spanish and have a hard time understanding Puerto Ricans sometimes. I learned Spanish from the migrant workers and their children whom I worked with in high school, and my mother who speaks Mexican Spanish. Try to hang out with Mexicans, then you will get better at it.

    Maddy Jinx
  2. You may want to try watching novelas, since most are filmed in Mexico. Orale is more of a slang. The Mexican dialect can be very beautiful when spoken correctly.

    Ernesto M
  3. I’ve had this problem many times, myself, since I’ve been trying to learn Mexican Spanish for 16 years.

    First, make your GF learn it and teach it to you so you don’t have to work as hard at it. Make her hang out in front of Home Depot whenever she is not working her two full-time jobs.

    Good luck Muchachos and have a great Frijoli!!

  4. OMG! [Cardiophobia <3] That is terrible advise! LA spanish, mexican immigrant spanish and some of northern Baja California spanish is horrible spanish and most of it slang.

    However, you should try the novelas thing, try the catch the most natural/neutral-sounding one, not the one that seems to be rather sung, you'll know when you hear it.

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