Where can I learn to speak Spanish what is the best way to speak Spanish?

if you know how to speak spanish will you teach me how to speak the Language.


  1. I would because I’m learning it, but my spanish teacher makes no sense : / so i’m somehow passing with a B. I have no idea how, I sleep in that class now. D:

    Heck yesss. it's $hayna
  2. The best place you can go is right here. Because, you can ask us just about anything you want to know and get an answer for it.

    Go to Spanish and English pronunciation to hear how the words are pronounced or ask a hispanic person if he/she would be nice enough to help you say the word or words.

    If you want to learn the dirty/bad words, then get this book called " Hide this spanish book " it is loaded with vulgar.

    I hope this helped !

    Joseph D
  3. hello:

    first i want to tell you that the best way you can learn it is as babies do.
    second i want to tell you that you could try speaking with Hispanics (they sure shall tell you because English is not his native language and they did the same).
    after you learn it you could travel, i would choose to go to Mexico, specially in the border; if you don’t to go out USA you might go to Texas, new Mexico, los angeles, even new york where there to many Hispanics ( puerto riquenos but i would like to speak spanish as they do because his Spanish is dirty)
    1st. listen.
    2nd. try to speak it.
    3rd. if you want then you just learn how to write it.

    Jose M

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