where in mexico do you guys recommend a single solo traveler to go to who doesn't speak spanish?

I’m a single guy, i’m 25 years old and I would like to go to mexico to visit and be a tourist. Now my Spanish is not so hot, but i’m wondering where would you recommend a single 25 year old guy who would be traveling by himself to go to around Mexico? I want to know of a safe place and interesting things to do? I hear there are a lot of robberies in Mexico and kidnapping of tourist, what do you suggest?


  1. Check the news and find out where some of the bad spots are. Many people hear that there are problems in Mexico, but they don’t consider that it is a big country. St. Louis Missouri has the highest murder rate in the US. That doesn’t stop me from visiting Albuquerque.

    I have had very good luck traveling in Mexico. I don’t speak Spanish, but have traveled quite a bit. I have always had good luck finding someone that did speak English. If i was stuck then I just had to get creative a time or two. You might find yourself making moooo sounds and hand movements to order a beef taco, but that makes it more fun. Just like everything else, if you learn to laugh at yourself, they will laugh with you.

    You might consider Merida. the Mayan ruins are cool, and it is a big enough city that you should have no problem. I have a friend that is staying at a hostel right now. He is paying $13 USD a night and gets a "great" breakfast. He has been at that hostel for a couple months. He said the average night is 10% American and 90% European. English is the main language there. Hostels are a good cheap way to travel, meet people, and find someone to go with to be in a larger group. I usually travel alone, but if I go someplace that its safer or cheaper to go with someone, a hostel is a good place to hook up with other travelers.

  2. lifeco… is right Stay away from the cities near the border with the States ( Ciudad Juarez, Tijuana, Agua prieta)
    And The state of Yucatan is pretty nice and because there are lots of turists they might understand some english

  3. i would go to any border town,,,but not really because their is no fun things to do,,maybe if you were staying for 2 days but its not interesting. i would definitely recommend you go to mexico city, guadalajara, michoacan and the region in central mexico because all the colonial cities are close and since there is a lot of tourist you will definitely get along with your limited spanish.

  4. I am Mexican and I have been to many places in Mexico. It depends what kind of trip you would like. If you want to see the best Mexico has to offer, you should visit the beaches of Cancun, Manzanillo in Colima, Acapulco, or Los Cabos. Now if you are looking to find awesome landscapes (Crazy waterfalls and Rivers!), then you should look at visiting Central Mexico (Michoacan, Guanajuato, Mexico State, and Aguascalientes). To go to these places you are probably going to better you Spanish.

    Now since you say that you would like a place where you don’t need to know the language, you shuld go to the places closer to the border. Juarez and Baja California are probably the places where you need Spanis the least. Be careful though while on the border because the cartel violence has really grown and they could target foreigners.

    Good luck (I recommend central Mexico)!

  5. I guess there are plenty places like that in Mexico(tourist sites) but I hear Los Cabos (Baja California) is really nice and safe. It’s still growing in tourism meaning not many tourists would know much about it like Cancun but its catching up. My best friend went there for her honey moon, they had a great time. And most people speak English so you shouldn’t have much problem with the language.

    Good Luck!!


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