Where in the Bible does it speak of the Native Americans/Mexican?

""i""Know but do you??? go to the about page on the site mentioned below, for many proofs read the entire site to know who is of His book of Life and much truth of This the generation of His return…it has begun…

For proof of the Lords now finished mystery and much on the Children of Adam and Eve unmarred who are being called by their God for This days Epic gathering go google Adam and Eve seed gathering medical ministry and on the home page as the about page and services page are many proofs…IT HAS BEGUN…{{Also on the site mentioned above https://www.adamandeveseedgatheringministry.com are many christian paintings and even leafs from Ancient Bibles}}contact page is for questions and declaring ones gathering…it has begun the End times gathering of His inheritors of earth Matthew 5:5 – 25:34 – Rev:21:4…


  1. The British thought they were the masters of the world. Their religion was christianity, thereby, by their thinking it was the only true religion. They were handed their A$$es all over the world in time.
    When it came to the new world, the white race here in the USA were europeans that revolted to form their own country. However, they carried with the same mentality that they were the masters of the world and anyone not white was below them. Thus is the mentality of the american white race. centuries and eons of white rule. They need their A$$es handed to them again and maybe they will start seeing the light

    Andrew Running Wolf

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