Where is a good place to visit in South America that's safe and easy to deal with if you dont speak spanish.

My girlfiriend and I have been wanting to travel to South America for sometime, and we are defintly going to go this year. The only problems we have are that neither of us speak a sufficent amount of spanish, and we both understand it can be difficult. We we’re looking for a fun safe place for two S.A. nubes


  1. Chile is a very civilized country,not third world.They speak English there.The country is a lot safer than nearby Brazil because the economy is strong and inequality less blatant.

  2. in south america its like pure spanish but in alot of tourist sites people speak english so go to famous tourist sites and live in a hotel their will definatly be people who speak english. the only famous tourist site i know is machu pichu in peru.

  3. I would say

    Medellin or Cartagena, Colombia

    colombia doesnt exactly have the best rep for being safe but it is a lot safer now, no where is completey safe..colombia is definately worth it..cartagena is very romantic-if you go to colombia-youll see things that you never before thought existed,trust me!

    Rio de Janerio
    awesome spot,a lot of culture but definately a lot of partying there

    Buenos Aires,
    its nice, beautiful,but not as fun as colombia

  4. I travel to SA every year and I have been everywhere. There are so many factors, but you mention safety and pro-English places. Here’s a run down on what you need to be asking yourself? It’s a BIG continent!
    1. What do you want to see.. sights, attractions, festivals..etc.? Pick a place and do your homework!
    2. How much can you afford? Set a budget and compare packages, ie. flight only, hotel only, versus all in one packages.
    3. When can you go? Remember most countries are great all year around (Northern SA), but some countries in the south (Chile) and higher elevation places can be cold! Usually the seasons are opposite to what you are accustomed to: our summers are their winter season, our winter is their summertime. Also many places have tropical seasons…vey wet!
    4. Most countries and destinations on the coast of the country are safe bets and are very used to English speaking foereigners. So focus on those countries.
    5. What kind of trip do you want: outdoors, active and involved, passive beaches, water boat trips, hiking and biking, scuba, etc…? What appeals to you?

    Finally, some personal suggestions: Peru. You have Machu Picchu-city in the clouds, Nazca Lines- E.T. drawings?, and Inca trails, etc. Watch out for places that can be anti-U.S., like Columbia, Venezuela, Bolivia.. these places have governments that are all too kind to westerners.. Do your homework! I also like Brazil, Chile- Santiago-very European!, Galapagos Islands- once in a lifetime trip!, rainforests, Amazon river, Andes mountain range, and much more! I suggest going to http://www.lonelyplanet.com to check out many SA countries. Go to trip package websites like http://www.activesouthamerica.com for ideas on what is available out there. Good Luck ! and Happy trails!!

  5. It’s true that in mayor tourism spots you’ll find english speaking persons, but the only place in South America that you will feel confortable because everywhere you go you find tourist is Cuzco. In this sense Cuzco is comparable to other cities in the world like Cairo, Rome and Orlando.

    The city of Cuzco hasn’t change much since the colony and many love the place so much that they settle and start a restaurant or pub. One time I was walking in the Craftsman’s neighborhood "San Blas", where you find cheap loddging & Food, I saw a broomstick staff hanging outside a door with a blue bag tied to it, this means "Food" a red bag means "bar" (there was no sign outside), when we walked inside we found ourselves in a nice place owned by a Dutch (or German), english spoken and a mixture of local and european food on the Menu and even rock music to make you feel closer to home. . . . it was superb!

    If you decide for this destination take in mind that going to Macchu Picchu will cost you at least US $ 1,500 for both ($320 plane fare Lim-Cuz, $200 train to Macchu Picchu, $85 entry Macchu Picchu per day) Lodging and food depends on what you’re willing to expect. Try to invest at least 1 week for Cuzco and surroundings, because there’s a lot to see and maybe you have bad luck and one day there is a strike for some reason and you miss something, having more time alows you to make adjustments.

    You can also go by bus and visit some interesting places in between Lima-Cuzco.

    memo rex
  6. Go to Buenos Aires, Argentina in the east coast of sotuh america is a great city with a lot of nigthlife!! Is a beatiful city, a lot of culture, very european most of the population are descendants of Europeans and the woman are the prettiest than can imagine. And the city is safety and cheap.Buenos Aires is to an hour and a half of airplane of Santiago. https://www.bue.gov.ar/home/ (more info of Buenos Aires is in english). You are not going to have problem with the language, the majority of the Argentines speak English.
    In Argentina you can go to the patagonia is very pretty place has glaciers and very pretty nature, if go in winter there are many centers of ski, for more information about tourism in Argentina go to https://www.turismo.gov.ar/ (is in english)
    Have a nice trip!

    P G

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