Where is a great place to meet people who Speak French and Spanish in California?

Greetings people. I’ve been learning about my ancestry and I would love to meet people who speak French and or Spanish.


  1. for Spanish it shouldn’t be too difficult. As for french, look at the "Alliance Francaise" website and make plans to visit the one closest to you. I also know of a yahoo group for xenophiles in the S.F. Bay Area that I can refer you to ..

  2. Well, there are a lot of people who speak Spanish in California, like me. Sometimes you just have to ask someone. Don’t know exactly what you’re looking for though. Good luck.

    Dana R
  3. spanish – just find one of the 14 billion border-hopping illegal mexicans. shouldn’t be too hard as 95% of california is ….ahem…..ILLEGAL….mexican.

    french – never seen a SINGLE person in california who speaks french. i’ve lived here my entire life. almost nobody speaks french in california.

    donkey c=== 3

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